28 Aug 2009

Friday Muppet Blogging

Having only recently watched “Walk the Line,” that somehow makes this all the more amusing.

Johnny Cash.

Miss Piggy.

Singing Jackson.

Classic stuff. Here’s a great older video of Cash with June Carter Cash (YouTube) at San Quentin. Seriously classic stuff.

Compare to the version with Muppets? Hilarious.


28 Aug 2009

That Beltway Thing You Do

The DOJ appointment of a special prosecutor has the Beltway press all aflutter. Why? Because it’s that thing they do:The art of the hissy fit lies in your ability to bring the entire media over to the fainting couch over even the most absurd allegations of impropriety and insensitivity.

27 Aug 2009

Health Care: Making Waves On Women’s Reproductive Health And Choice

Yesterday was Women’s Equality Day — and the 89th anniversary of women winning the right to vote with the passage of the 19th amendment. I spent an hour yesterday on a call organized by the White House regarding health care and inequality of coverage and services for women.

26 Aug 2009

Ted Kennedy: Health Care “Has Been The Passion Of My Life”

Ted Kennedy, the lion of the Senate, has passed. His legacy of political achievement is long: his constant and continuing fight (YouTube) for the child health insurance program (CHIP), support and legal equality for Americans with disabilities, reforms of mental health programs, national community service, the voting rights act, substantial work for years on civil rights and civil liberties concerns.

25 Aug 2009

Tortured Logic: The Long And Winding Goad

Today, it’s another inane installment of the continuing saga of the GOP’s longest-running program wherein the buck stops anywhere but here. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the overwrought and not-so-dulcet tones of Kit Bond and friends, in Accountability For Thee, But Not For Me…

24 Aug 2009

Start of School? Means Two Meals A Day For Hungry Children In America

I couldn’t help thinking about all those kids in America for whom the start of school means something else entirely: two meals every weekday. How tough would it be to be that young and already have learned that lesson?

23 Aug 2009

Sunday Cuppa

Color me intrigued by the potential of this film in asking really important questions about life and internal debates. And possibly shedding some needed light on a very shrouded religious sect’s history: The project was initiated by a member of Opus Dei, is partly produced and financed by the group’s members and has enlisted an Opus Dei priest to consult on the

22 Aug 2009

Saturday Potluck

Caprese stack via smcgee.It’s summertime, and the living is easy. Or at least, it just feels that way when you have some fresh produce in the house.

We finally have some ripening tomatoes larger than the tiny cherry variety in our little square foot garden.

And I managed to get The Peanut to try some homemade salsa this week.

22 Aug 2009

Pull Up A Chair…

I don’t know about everyone else, but reading the news makes me tired these days. Downright bone weary, frankly, because it’s too much of “the more things change, the more things stay the same.” Which just is not exactly a bliss-inducing thought, now is it? So I thought I’d look around for something a little more unusual to share this morning. Behold! Some actual good news…

21 Aug 2009

Media Bias: Ya Gotta Snicker

Those darned Weather Channel people.

I always knew the tornado chasers looked a little too squirrelly for their own good.

Sometimes, you just need a hefty dose of mockery, laced with some out and out snark.

And Fridays are the perfect day to share it, aren’t they?

Enjoy. Bless you, people at The Onion.