04 Sep 2009

Friday Muppet Blogging

Miss Piggy with a ‘fro. And Julie Andrews sings with chickens. Prepare for giggles.

04 Sep 2009

Tortured Logic: Cheney Says It’s All Greek To Me?

Violation of the bovine restrictions in the Geneva Conventions by using a minotaur for “enhanced interrogation” in an unnavigable labyrinth? Say it ain’t so. Apparently Dick Cheney really wanted a griffin for the interrogator job, but he was too flighty.

03 Sep 2009

Status Quo? Hell No!

These days it seems that bipartisanship is all the rage. Not in practice, mind you, but as a codeword sop to the masses as justification for defending the status quo. The end result of bipartisanship is paring down a bill until it changes next to nothing of import. And then selling it as if it were the greatest thing since the last bucket of lukewarm spit to pass this way.

This is

02 Sep 2009

High Alert? Backpeddling Or Forging Ahead With Tom Ridge This Saturday

This Saturday, we have an intriguing discussion set for you all for Book Salon. Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge will be here at 5 pm ET/3 pm PT to answer questions and discuss his recent book. It’s been the subject of a LOT of discussion, controversy and invective over the terror alert bit — but there is so much more on policy and internal wrangling…

01 Sep 2009

Katrina: When The Levees Broke, When The Sea Unleashed Her Fury

Just when you think the price for Katrina can’t get any higher, another wave crests onto the Gulf Coast: Gulf Coast cities hit hard by Hurricane Katrina four years ago stand to lose future federal funding, and possibly some political representation, as mostly lower-income residents stay away from the area, analysts say….This has a huge impact on the area, including how Housing and Urban Development funds are distributed.

01 Sep 2009

The Continuing Von Spakovsky Follies

Oh goodness. Guess who has his soiled knickers in a twist? . . . the Obama administration is planning a major revival of high-impact civil rights enforcement against policies, in areas ranging from housing to hiring, where statistics show that minorities fare disproportionately poorly. President George W. Bush’s appointees had discouraged such tactics, preferring to focus on individual cases in which there is evidence of intentional discrimination.

01 Sep 2009

Tortured Logic — RNC Leader Steele Confuses Dick’s Pre-Crime With Justice

Yesterday, Gregg highlighted some prime interview inanity from RNC chairman Michael Steele. The President himself has said he doesn’t want to look backwards, but now he’s allowing his Attorney General to do just that.

Leaving aside the disturbing Pre-Crime connotations straight out of Phillip K. Dick’s Minority Report, Steele’s utter ignorance of how DOJ is supposed to properly function is stunning.

30 Aug 2009

Sunday Cuppa

Imagine living in a society which valued its elders, instead of just using them as political pawns by scaring them half to death and then shoving them to the side. Imagine compassion and care, and a desire to make certain that the last years were filled with comfort. Imagine health care decisions made based on actual health care needs instead of just what was most profitable…

29 Aug 2009

After Katrina: Rebuilding And Renewal In New Orleans

I’ve been meaning to get pictures of our trip to New Orleans up for ages, and just haven’t found the right moment to write about them. Until now. Seems a fitting tribute to the resilience and strength of the human spirit that we saw from so many in NOLA to post some pictures of how beautiful areas are, and how far things have come for so many who have been working

29 Aug 2009

Pull Up A Chair…

Can’t just wash it away…

Hurricane Katrina marked a real low point in human compassion and decency in this country on so many levels.

But it also brought out some of the best in so many people from all over the country — and the world. Neighbors helping each other cope with their horrible losses.