16 Jan 2014

Throwback Thursday Oscar Style: “Searching for Sugar Man”

It’s officially awards season. To honor today’s announcement of the Academy Award nominees, I thought we might celebrate “Throwback Thursday” style and take a look at one of my favorite Oscar winners, Searching for Sugar Man. Searching for Sugar Man, directed/produced by Malik Bendjelloul and produced by Simon Chinn, swept last

15 Jan 2014

Bruce Springsteen Goes After Bridgegate, Chris Christie Probably Having The Worst Day Ever

Last night Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen joined The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon to weigh in on the scandal otherwise known as “Bridgegate” currently consuming the life and times of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Jimmy Fallon set the scene and then Bruce appeared by his side, both men

14 Jan 2014

Late Night: Pope Francis Says “Suck It”

Who doesn’t love boobies?! Pope Francis stepped up to the pulpit in the Sistine Chapel and told nursing babies to suck it, because well, he’s just that kinda guy! He loves babies, and babies love boobies! The Pope told families at a special children’s baptism: If they are hungry, mothers, feed

14 Jan 2014

Neil Young Supports First Nations Against Tar Sands

Neil Young’s week-long “Honor the Treaties” tour of Canada will benefit and support First Nations’ legal battle against a tar sands project. Proceeds from the shows in Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary will be donated to the legal defense fund of the northern Alberta-based Athabasca tribal government challenging new tar sands

12 Jan 2014

Live Blogging the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual shiny thing give-away, and we couldn’t be happier! Expect as always some surprises as well as “Of course that won!” Here’s a  list of the nominees so you can follow along. The Golden Globe guests

11 Jan 2014

Two Johns and a Whore: Well Hung!

I am a purveyor of degenerate art. Tonight, “Two Johns and a Whore“, the art exhibition I created and curated, opens at Coagula Curatorial in LA’s Chinatown. The show features the gallery debut of award-winning performance artist John Fleck (one of the NEA Four) and controversial queer filmmaker John Roecker, plus

10 Jan 2014

Short Film of the Week: “El Empleo”

What’s not to love about short films? Their length makes them easy to consume. Their availability means that, most of the time, you can read about a movie and immediately access it online for free. And, artistically, they’re difficult to make. Developing a complete world in minutes means that each

09 Jan 2014

Filmmakers Recommend Movies You Must See This Year

To celebrate the New Year and kick off the conversation in FDL’s new Arts & Culture space, I thought it would be interesting to put together a resolution watch list for all of us interested in great films. And, who better to curate recommendations than people who make movies themselves?

09 Jan 2014

Welcome to Firedoglake’s Arts & Culture Blog

Over the past few years, we here at Firedoglake have been working to expand our coverage by adding new authors, growing our community base and enhancing our ability to cover a diversity of topics of interest to our readership. As part of this effort, we launched Bytegeist in 2012, and