Chelsea Manning/Wikileaks Timeline



January 20:

January 19:

  • Over the recommendation of 2 forensic psychiatrists, the Brig Commander places Manning under suicide risk, which make his conditions worse.
  • Manning’s attorney David Coombs files Article 138 Complaint with Quantico base commander, alleging extended suicide risk/watch assignment is an abuse of the Brig Commander’s discretion.
  • Army Staff Judge Advocate’s Office made aware of Manning’s situation.

January 5:


December 2010

  • CCIU agents obtain search authorization for an SD card found in Manning’s aunt’s residence home during a second search of her home

December 31:

  • NY Times publishes a correction to the Charlie Savage story of December 16, acknowledges they never actually read the chat logs for themselves before writing on the subject.

December 29:

  • Wired tells BoingBoing that the chat logs contain no unpublished references to Assange or private servers.

December 28:

December 27:

  • Glenn Greenwald calls on Wired to release the rest of the chat logs.

December 24:

December 23:

December 22:

December 19

  • David House visits Manning at Quantico brig

December 18

December 17

December 16

  • Glenn Greenwald writes that the government is using techniques accused of being torture on Bradley Manning to get him to flip on Julian Assange
  • Charlie Savage of the New York Times uses Adrian Lamo as the sole source for an extremely dubious story on how Manning supposedly gave the cables to Wikileaks via physical hand-off. Contra what he told CNN on July 30, Lamo says he doesn’t have chat logs because his hard drive was “taken” by the FBI.

December 15

December 14:

  • Department of Justice serves a subpoena on Twitter demanding information for individuals currently or formerly associated with Wikileaks, including Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Jacob Appelbaum, Rop Gonggrijp, and Julian Assange. It also seeks the same information for Bradley Manning and for WikiLeaks’ Twitter account (PDF).

December 11

  • David House visits Manning at Quantico brig

December 10

  • Forensic psychiatrist recommends Manning remain under suicide watch for one week.  The following week, the psychiatrist again recommends he be removed from POI watch.  The Brig Commander once again refuses to do so.

November 9

October 22

October 14

  • Assange scheduled for interview in Sweden he does not attend.

Late September: Assange leaves Sweden.

August 27

August 21

August 20:

  • Ms A and Ms W go to the police; news of their accus ations leaked to the press.
  • Assange leaves Ms A’s apartment.

August 16

  • Assange meets up with Ms W again, they have consensual sex followed, the next morning, by allegedly non-consensual sex.

August 14

  • Assange’s talk in Stockholm. He goes to a movie with Ms W.

August 13

  • Ms A returns to Stockholm earlier than planned. That night she and Assange have consensual sex, though the condom breaks.

August 11

  • Assange arrives in Stockholm, stays at Ms A’s apartment.

August 6

August 2

August 1

  • Lamo confirms Chet Uber’s initial version of events to Computerworld magazine, in which he says Lamo received classified documents from Manning, and called him about it in “early June.”
  • Lamo refuses to tell Wired whether he received classified documents from Manning or not.
  • Uber tells Wired he first spoke with Lamo one or two days before Lamo had his first face-to-face meeting with federal agents, which was on May 25.”

July 2010

  • Lamo begins working as a confidential informant for CCIU Special Agent Antonio Edwards of Army CID.

July 30

  • Lamo tells CNN’s Ashley Fanz that he knew of one person in the military who had helped Bradley Manning but wouldn’t elaborate. Says he no longer has chat transcripts because he “gave” his hard drive to the FBI.

July 29

July 25

  • Wikileaks publishes Afghan War diaries.

July 21

  • Adrian Lamo contacts Manning’s friend Danny Clark via AIM. Logs from the chat show Lamo saying “let’s just agree neither of us is going to share these logs.”

July 6

June 28

  • Lamo issues statement hoping that Manning gets a plea deal and accusing Assange of exposing his role in the Manning arrest.

June 18-23

  • Special Antonio Edwards attempts to interview Manning friend Danny Clark but Clark invokes counsel.

June 19

June 18

  • Poulsen tells Glenn Greenwald that he published all of the chats that Lamo gave him, with the exception of “Manning discussing personal matters that aren’t clearly related to his arrest, or apparently sensitive government information that I’m not throwing up without vetting first.”
  • Greenwald compares Wired’s published chats with the Washington Post’s, and finds there are things that are neither “personal matters” nor “sensitive government information,” which Wired nonetheless withheld.
  • CCIU agents search the home of Debra Van Alystyne, Manning’s aunt, for hardware, software & digital media

June 17

  • Glenn Greenwald interviews Lamo, who says he informed Manning he was an ordained minister who would treat Manning’s conversations as a confession, which would compel Lamo by law to keep them confidential
  • Iceland passes Modern Media Initiative

June 14

June 13

  • Comment appears in Xeni Jardin Boing Boing article, alleging that Poulsen and Lamo “worked their target, Bradley Manning, for days — in co-operation with the FBI and US Army CID,” classic “COINTELPRO tactics.”
  • “The only reason to even think that PFC Manning was ‘risking lives’ is the unconfirmed innuendo made public by Adrian Lamo who has every reason in the world to justify the breach of trust he committed by willfully initiating a clandestine interrogation of PFC Manning,” says the comment.

June 11

  • Special Agent Antonio Edwards meets with Lamo in Carmichael, California
  • Wikileaks commissions lawyers to defend Manning
  • Assange allegedly sends an email to Lamo requesting copies of the chats to aide in Manning’s defense. Lamo refuses, telling Poulsen that Manning’s attorney “can get them by discovery like everyone else.”

June 10

June 9

  • Lamo informs John Cook of Yahoo News he told Manning he was a journalist and offered to speak to him as a reporter, which would grant him protection under the shield law, and that Manning refused
  • Yahoo asks Lamo to provide that portion of their chats; Lamo says he will have to check with his lawyer

June 7

  • Julian Assange, on Twitter, casts doubt on the credibility of the Wired article: “Adrian Lamo & Kevin Poulson are notorious felons, informers & manipulators. Journalists should take care.”
  • Lamo tweets: “I was not acting as a journalist.”
  • Lamo issues a press release, saying he will respond by June 8 to “allegations that he was instrumental in the arrest of PFC Manning”
  • Washington Post denies they sat on Wikileaks video, but David Finkel evasively says he “was on book leave” from the paper when the Manning transcripts allege he acquired it

June 6

  • Poulsen and Kim Zetter of Wired Magazine report the arrest of Manning
  • They also report that a friend of Manning’s, Tyler Watkins, says Manning told him he had gotten his hands on sensitive information and was considering leaking it

June 1

May 29

May 27

  • Poulsen meets with Lamo in Sacramento for several hours. Alleges Lamo tells him for the first time the details of his chats with Manning, and he learns Manning’s name.
  • Poulsen says he leaves Lamo at 3pm with the chats on a thumbnail drive
  • At 4pm, Lamo says he met with FBI for the second time and FBI told him Manning was arrested the previous day in Iraq
  • Manning’s Charge Sheet, however, say Manning’s alleged activities continued until “on or about 27 May 2010”
  • Latest possible date for “introducing” classified information onto his personal computer and obtaining “more then 150,000 diplomatic cables.”
  • Manning’s pre-trial confinement begins, and presumably ties to the date when they first assessed what they had on Manning’s seized computer

May 26

  • Poulsen asks Lamo for the chat logs
  • Lamo agrees to provide them if Poulsen will drive to Sacramento and pick them up, provided he embargoes them until Lamo grants permission
  • Former Army counterintelligence agent Timothy Webster says Lamo called him to ask a hypothetical question about Manning, and that this was the first contact Lamo had in reporting Manning. Lamo confirms this account to AP.
  • Manning is arrested in Iraq, per Lamo and Wired.
  • Lamo later tells CNET, “I and the FBI wanted to continue feeding him disinformation,” but the criminal investigation unit of the Army had other plans.
  • [According to testimony given at Manning’s Article 32 hearing] Lamo stops chatting with bradass87

May 25

  • Lamo tells Wired he met with FBI for the first time, at a Starbucks near his house in Carmichael, California.
  • Chet Uber says Lamo called him during the meeting, and then took agents back to his house to show them the classified documents.
  • Lamo says he called Poulsen after the meeting and told him the details of what happened.
  • Special Agent Edwards introduces himself to Lamo over the phone.

May 24

  • Poulsen claims Lamo tells him for the first time of his chats with Manning, after Lamo had already scheduled his first meeting with the FBI the next day
  • Latest possible date for knowingly exceeding his authorized access to obtain “more than 50 classified United States Department of State cables” and willfully transmitting them per the charge sheet.

May 23 or 24

  • “Security pro” Chet Uber gets a phone call from Lamo, who says he has “received classified documents from a U.S. Army intelligence analyst named Bradley Manning and wanted advice about what to do.”
  • Uber puts him in touch with the former DOJ head of computer crimes, Mark Rasch. Uber suggests Lamo told him him about having received emails–but when Uber refers Lamo to Rasch, he describes ongoing AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) chats.

May 23

  • Lamo begins “cooperating with federal agents,” he tells AOL, after he “passed on what he knew to his ex, who happened to work for Army counterintelligence.”

May 21

  • According to testimony given by Special Agent Alfred Williamson of CCIU during Manning’s Article 32 hearing, a Manning user account is created on a FOB Hammer supply room NIPRnet computer that Manning used.
  • First chats begin between Lamo and Manning, according to Wired.
  • Lamo tells Greenwald he lost the PGP key and never decripted emails from Manning, but sent him an invitation to chat over AIM anyway and the two began their alleged exchanges

May 20

May 12

  • Adrian Lamo photographed at his parent’s house for use in upcoming Wired story by Kevin Poulsen

May 7

  • Adrian Lamo discharged from mental hospital. [He testified this was when he was discharged during Manning’s Article 32 hearing.


  • Manning demoted after an assault according to Army spokesman, who says Manning was not facing early discharge. This contradicts what Manning ostensibly said to Lamo in chat logs

April 28

  • Adrian Lamo’s backpack with his antidepressants is stolen. He calls the police, who have him involuntarily committed to a mental facility under state law allowing “the temporary forced hospitalization of those judged dangerous or unable to care for themselves.”

April 10

  • Wikileaks releases “Collateral Murder” video.

April 5

  • Latest possible date for having unauthorized possession of photos related to the national defense, knowingly exceeding his authorized access on SIPRnet, willfully transmitting it, and intentionally exceeding his authorized access, all in relation to the Collateral Murder video per the Charge Sheet.

April 3

  • Latest possible date for “wrongfully adding unauthorized software to a Secret Internet Protocol Router network computer” (see emptywheel)

March 25

  • Assange tweets about being tailed in Iceland.

March 24

  • In chat, Manning suggests it took him four months to verify Assange was who he said he was

March 22

  • Wikileaks volunteer detained and questioned about Assange.

March 18

  • Two people carrying diplomatic passports follow Assange from Iceland to Norway.

March 15

  • Wikileaks publishes March 18, 2008 NGIC document analyzing the threat Wikileaks posed to the Army.

February 19

  • Latest possible date for obtaining and communicating the Rejkjavik 13 per Charge Sheet (Spec. 3)

February 18

  • Wilikeaks publishes Rejkjavik cable dated January 13, 2010. According to the Manning/Lamo chat transcripts, after the leak Manning tracked the Northern Europe Diplomatic Security Team tailing Assange in Sweden.


  • Manning gives Wikileaks the video of the 2007 Army helicoper attack on Iraqi insurgents, according to Adrian Lamo in the Washington Post

February 11:

  • Manning returns to Baghdad from US

January 26:

  • Manning takes a photo of himself in his aunt’s residence

January 21:

January 13

  • Earliest possible date for accessing the Rejkjavik 13 cable (the date is obviously taken from the date of the cable) per Charge Sheet (Spec. 3)

January 9

  • A “read me” text file is created on an SD card [the one that CCIU agents will later find in Manning’s aunt’s residence] that is essentially a cover letter explaining what to do with the classified reports and how they remove “the fog of war” and reveal “the true nature of 21st Century asymmetric warfare.”

January 5

  • CDNE Afghanistan (91,000 approx) [Afghan War Logs] and CDNE Iraq reports (400,000 approx) [Iraq War Logs] are put on an SD card [that CCIU agents will later claim was found in Manning’s aunt’s residence]


November 24:

  • Per chat logs, Manning said he first started working with Wikileaks after release of 9/11 pager messages, which was first announced on November 24, 2009

November 19:

  • Earliest possible day Manning downloaded “Collateral Murder” video & all charges except accessing the Rejkjavik 13 cables, per Charge Sheet (Spec. 2 & 4)

November 1:

  • Earliest date for which government subpoenas Wikileaks related twitter accounts



  • U.S. Army Counterintelligence Center prepares a classified report placing WikiLeaks on “the list of the enemies threatening the security of the United States.” That Report discussed ways to destroy WikiLeaks’ reputation and efficacy, and emphasized creating the impression that leaking to it is unsafe.



July 12

  • U.S. helicopter air strike in Baghdad that claimed the lives of two Reuters employees, Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen. Gunsight video of the incident became known as the “Collateral Murder” video.

Acknowledgment due to AdrianLamoLogs and Cryptome timelines for their fine documentation work, and to Denver Nicks for his background research on Bradley Manning.

Source Info

Information allegedly accessed by Manning, per his charging document:

  • The video of the July 12, 2007 Apache killing of Reuters journalists
  • The Rejkjavik State Department cable leaked by WikiLeaks
  • 50 State Department cables (loaded onto his unsecured computer, transmitted to someone unauthorized to receive them)
  • 150,000 State Department cables (obtained information from them via unauthorized access)
  • A classified Microsoft Powerpoint presentation

Chat Logs


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