Filing Deadline: 1/30/2010
Primary Date: 5/11/2010
Filing Fee:

U.S. House of Representatives         $1,740.00

Handbook: Common Information
West Virginia Elections (PDF)
Candidate Forms
Election Calendars
Secretary of State Elections Department:

Phone: (304) 558-6000

Fax: (304) 558-0900

Web Contact Form

Law: West Virginia Elections (PDF)

WV resident by 11/2/2010

Signature/Forms: Webpage
Common Information
Candidate Forms

Candidate filing period is Jan 11 throught Jan 30, 2010 more details at the Candidate Filing Calendar

File with SOS Candidate Certificate of Announcement and Candidate name pronunciation form

Within 10 days of filing the Certificate of Announcement, candidates must file a Candidate Financial Disclosure Statement with the West Virginia Ethics Commission. The Ethics Financial Disclosure Statement is required in addition to campaign finance filings.