Filing Deadline: 4/1/2010, 12 Noon
Primary Date: 8/5/2010
Filing Fee: No filing fee for US Representatives
Handbook: Tennessee Elections
Elections Laws
Election Qualifying
Qualifying (PDF)
Election Schedule (PDF)
Secretary of State Elections Department:


Law: Elections Laws

Residency: An inhabitant of the state
Signature/Forms: Election Qualifying
Qualifying (PDF)
Election Schedule (PDF)

Candidates may obtain a nominating petition from a county election commission office or the office of the Coordinator of Elections. Petitions may be obtained no more than 90 days before the qualifying deadline date. Therefore, petitions may be issued after January 1, 2010. Each page of the petition must be signed by the candidate and an election official and may not be photocopied. Primary and independent candidates must file their original nominating petition in the office of the State Election Commission and a certified duplicate in the office of the Coordinator of Elections. (However, primary and independent candidates for the office of United States Representative from a district located entirely in one (1) county are required to file their nominating petitions in the office of the county election commission in that county.) Primary candidates must also file a certified duplicate by the above qualifying deadline with the chairperson of their party’s state executive committee. The nominating petition must be signed by at least twenty-five (25) voters who are registered in the candidate’s house district.