Filing Deadline: 3/30/2010, 12 Noon
Primary Date: 6/8/2010
Filing Fee: The filing fee, if required, is one percent of the total salary for the term of that office or $100., whichever is greater.
Handbook: South Carolina Voting
Candidate Information
2010 Important Dates (PDF)
Methods of Nominating
Election Code
Filing Forms
Secretary of State Elections Department:

Main: (803) 734-9060

Fax: (803) 734-9366


Law: Election Code
Methods of Nominating

Residency: An inhabitant of the state

All candidates seeking a political party’s nomination to run in a general or special election must file a statement of intention of candidacy form. Candidates for federal office must file with the state executive committee of the political party.

To be nominated by petition, a candidate must file a nominating petition containing the valid signatures of at least 5% of the active, registered voters in the geographical area the office represents. The 5% is based on the total number of registered voters in the geographical area 120 days prior to the election. No petition requires more than 10,000 signatures.

3/15/2010, 12 Noon, Filing opens
3/30/2010, 12 Noon, Filing closes
Methods of Nominating
Filing Forms