Filing Deadline: 3/15/2010, 5PM
Primary Date: 6/8/2010
Filing Fee: None
Handbook: Maine Elections
Revised Statutes – Elections
2008 Candidate Guide (PDF) (2010 not yet available)
Secretary of State Elections Department:

Bureau of Corporation, Elections and Commissions

Tel: 207-624-7736 OR (207) 624-7650

Fax: 207-287-5874 OR (207) 287-6545

Law: Maine Elections Revised Statutes (TOC)

Resident of State/no person may be a candidate unless, at the time of nomination for placement on the primary, general or special election ballot, that person is a resident of the district which the candidate seeks to represent


Petitions are available from the Department of the Secretary of State, Division of Elections, located at the:

Burton Cross State Office Building, 4th floor,

111 Sewall Street

Augusta, Maine.

US Sen.: 2,000 min. 3,000 max signatures

US Rep: 1,000 min. 1,500 max. signatures