Filing Deadline: 7/9/2010
Primary Date: 8/28/2010 (First Party Primary)

10/2/2010 (Open Primary, Second Party Primary (If Necessary))

Filing Fee:

US Senate and Representatives: $600 plus $300 state central committee fee

Handbook: LA Secretary of State
Election Forms
Election Code
Secretary of State Elections Department:

Elections Division



Fax 225-922-0945

Law: Election Code

Fees: R.S.18:464 B, R.S.18:464 C

Petitions: R.S.18:465 C

Qualifications: R.S. 18:1275 A, R.S. 18:1275 B

Primary dates: R.S. 18:402.G

Qualifying date: R.S. 18:1275.9


Residency: There is no durational residency requirement to be a candidate for United States Representative in Congress.

Forms go to Secretary of State

Candidates may qualify for office by paying a fee OR by filing a nominating petition. Nominating petition forms are available at the parish Clerk of Court office.

Petitions in lieu of fees:

US Sen: 5,000 signatures not less than 500 from each congressional district

US Rep: 1000

Qualifying period is July 7 – 9, 2010