Filing Deadline:

1/26/2010  4:00 p.m., local time

Primary Date:


Filing Fee:

US Sen. or US Rep. $500.00

Handbook: Kentucky Elections
Elections Contacts
Declaring Your Candidacy (PDF)
Secretary of State Elections Department:

(502) 564-3490

Online Contact Form


118.105 Nominations by political parties — Vacancy in candidacy — Replacement candidates.

118.125 Procedure and form for candidate to get name on primary ballot — Form in which name may appear on ballot.

118.165 Filing of nomination papers – Certification

Election Code



Resident of state


Republican and Democratic Party candidates attain primary ballot access by filing with the Secretary of State a Notification and Declaration. Filing Form SBE 66

As mandated by KRS 118.125, the Notification and Declaration shall be signed by the candidate and by not less than two (2) registered voters of the same party from the district or jurisdiction from which the candidate seeks nomination; shall include a declaration sworn to by the candidate that he or she possesses all the constitutional and statutory requirements of the office for which the candidate has filed; shall be subscribed and sworn to before an officer authorized to administer an oath by the candidate and by two voters making the declaration and signing the candidate’s petition for office. Only persons who are qualified under the provisions of KRS 116.055 to vote in any primary election for the candidates for nomination by the party at whose hands he seeks the nomination shall have his name printed on the official ballot of his party for an office to which he is eligible in that primary.

Declaring Your Candidacy (PDF)