Filing Deadline:

3/19/2010, 5PM

Primary Date:


Filing Fee:

All filing fees shall be paid in cash, cashier’s check, postal money orders, or personal check

US Senator: $500 OR 1,000 signatures verified prior to filing

US Rep: $300 OR 500 signatures from congressional district verified prior to filing

Handbook: Idaho Candidates
Secretary of State Elections Department: (208) 334-2300

Law: Election Law Table of Contents

(2) Filing fees (History: S.L. 1970, Ch. 140; S.L. 1983, Ch. 213)

Requirements for Write-in Candidates at Primary.(History: S.L. 1970, Ch.

140; S.L. 1976, Ch. 60; S.L. 1996, Ch. 28)

Declaration of intent for write-in candidates (History:

S.L. 1983, Ch. 213; S.L. 1992, Ch. 176; S.L. 1993, Ch. 313; S.L. 1999, Ch. 221; S.L.2001, Ch. 272)

Nomination at primary.(History:S.L. 1970, Ch. 140; S.L. 1972, Ch. 46; S.L. 1976, Ch. 60)

Declaration of candidacy.(History: S.L. 1971, Ch. 5; S.L. 1971, Ch. 188; S.L.

1972, Ch. 46; S.L. 1972, Ch. 346; S.L. 1975, Ch. 174; S.L. 1976, Ch. 60; S.L. 1979,

Ch. 309; S.L. 1983, Ch. 213; S.L. 1984, Ch. 8; S.L. 1984, Ch. 173; S.L. 1989, Ch. 70;

S.L. 2003, Ch. 48)

With whom declarations filed.(History: S.L. 1971, Ch. 5; S.L. 1971, E.S., Ch. 9; S.L. 1976, Ch. 60)



Reside within state at time of general election


In addition to possessing all other qualifications, in order to become a candidate of a political party at

the general election, those candidates whose names are written in at the primary election must receive at least the following number of write-in votes at the primary election:

(1) One thousand (1,000) for any statewide office;

(2) Five hundred (500) for a congressional district office;

(3) Fifty (50) for a legislative district office;

(4) Five (5) for a county office,

file a declaration of candidacy for that office, and must pay the filing fee required for that office within ten (10) days following the primary election canvass; provided, however, that no write-ins shall be allowed for judicial office. Each political party candidate for precinct, state, district or county office shall file his declaration of candidacy in the proper office between 8 a.m., on the twelfth Monday preceding the primary election and 5 p.m., on the tenth Friday preceding the primary election. All candidates for district, state and federal offices shall file their declarations of candidacy with the secretary of state. Form numbers US Sen: EC-2, EC-1

US Rep: EC-2, EC-1