Filing Deadline:


Primary Date: 9/18/2010
Filing Fee:

The filing fee, $75 for federal office, must be paid by cash, money order, or certified/cashier’s check on Oahu and money order or certified/cashier’s check on the neighbor islands. Personal or campaign checks are not accepted.

Discounted Filing Fee: Candidates for state and county offices who agree to abide by the state’s voluntary campaign spending expenditure limits may receive discounted filing fees. Candidates will receive the discounted fee after filing with the Campaign Finance Spending Commission on Oahu the form entitled “Affidavit of Compliance with Campaign Expenditure Limits.” Those on the neighbor islands file with the Office of the County Clerk. (HRS Section 11-208). Each candidate alone is responsible to file the “Affidavit of Compliance with Campaign Expenditure Limits.”  Affidavits in compliance with the voluntary expenditure limits must be filed with Campaign Spending Commission or county clerk no later than the deadline of the day for filing nomination papers.

Candidates who agree to the expenditure limits and who exceed the respective expenditure limits must pay the full filing fee and notify the chief election officer, all contributors and opponents, and the Campaign Spending Commission that the expenditure limitations are exceeded.

Candidates who declare themselves indigent via affidavit may have the filing fee waived. The declaration must be accompanied by a petition signed by currently registered voters who constitute at least one-half of one percent (1/2%) of the total voters registered at the last preceding General Election in the district from which the indigent person seeks election (HRS Section 12-6). Indigent candidates must file nomination papers and comply with other filing requirements.

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§2-52-1 Nomination papers; when available.

§2-52-2 Nomination papers; qualification of signatories.

§2-52-3 Nomination papers; verification of signatories.

§2-52-4 Nomination papers; candidate name on ballot.

§2-52-5 Nomination papers; political party affiliation or nonpartisan designation.

§2-52-6 Filing fee; payment of.



Each candidate must:

1. be a citizen of the United States;

2. be at least eighteen years of age;

3. be a resident and registered voter of the State of Hawaii; and

4. have received final discharge for any felony conviction.

Signature/Forms: All candidates for elective office must file nomination papers in order to appear and be listed on the state of Hawaii’s official election ballot under Section 12-3, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS). Nomination papers are available at offices on the first working day February in every even numbered year (office locations for 2010 are not yet listed) Before filing any nomination paper, all prospective candidates’ nomination papers must be signed by a specified number of properly registered voters who are qualified to vote for the candidate in the upcoming election. The candidate alone is responsible to ensure that his/her nomination papers have sufficient signatures of qualified voters. Nomination papers that do not contain sufficient valid signatories will not be accepted for filing.

Candidates are advised to file their nomination papers early and to obtain more signatures than required in anticipation of invalid or unqualified signatories. Once nomination papers are filed and the filing fee is accepted, candidates will not be allowed to add more signatures to their nomination papers.

Candidates must file nomination papers at the office of issuance. Candidate filing begins on Friday, February 1, 2010. All candidates are advised to file their nomination papers early. State law prohibits exceptions or extension to the filing deadlines. When candidates file nomination papers, each partisan candidate must certify, by self-subscribing oath, that the person: will qualify for that office under the law; has determined that all of the information on the his/her nomination papers, except for that provided by the voters who signed the candidate’s nomination papers, is true and correct; and complies with the law relating to a final discharge for any felony conviction. (HRS Section 831-2)

Certification by partisan candidates. Each partisan candidate is required to certify, by self-subscribing oath, that the candidate is a member of a qualified political party in Hawaii. Any candidate who is not a member of the political party may be challenged and disqualified on that basis. Oath of loyalty/affirmation. All candidates are required to take and subscribe to a prescribed written oath of loyalty or affirmation statement before a notary public or a public officer authorized to administer oaths under the law. The oath or affirmation statement is on the nomination papers and may be completed before or at the time of filing (HRS Section 12-7). Candidates must provide the notary public with an identification card containing the person’s picture and signature (i.e., driver license or state id) when the oath or affirmation is subscribed to before the notary public.

Other Requirements
In addition to nomination papers, candidates are required to file campaign spending reports with the Campaign Spending Commission and financial disclosure reports with the State Ethics Commission or the County Board of Ethics.