Filing Deadline: 3/12/2010
Primary Date: 6/8/2010
Filing Fee: $1,740.00 or 3000 signatures in lieu of filing fee (1% of Rep’s first year’s salary)

Pay a filing fee equal to 1% of the first year’s salary. Currently, the filing fee for United States Representative in Congress is $1,740.00. The filing fee must be paid at the time the candidate obtains the nomination forms from the county elections official  §§ 8103(a)(2) & 8105

Handbook: Running for Office
Running for Congress
Secretary of State Elections Department: (916) 657-2166
Law: Be registered with the political party whose nomination he or she is seeking for not less than three months immediately prior to the time the declaration of candidacy is presented to the county elections official or, if eligible to register for less than three months, for as long as he or she has been eligible to register to vote in California. § 8001(a)(1)2

Not have been registered as affiliated with any other qualified political party within 12 months immediately prior to the filing of the declaration of candidacy. § 8001(a)(2)

Residency: There is no durational residency requirement to be a candidate for United States Representative in Congress.
Signature/Forms: Qualifications and Requirements
United States Representative in Congress 2010 Primary Election Partisan Nomination

Signatures In Lieu of Filing Fee

Submit by February 25, 2010, a minimum of 3,000 valid signatures on petitions in lieu of filing fee. § 8106(a)(2)
The 3,000 in-lieu signature requirement applies only to candidates seeking the nomination of the Democratic or Republican parties. Candidates seeking the nomination of the American Independent, Green, Libertarian, or Peace and Freedom parties may submit petitions containing signatures of 10% of the registered voters in the district in which the candidate seeks nomination, or 150 signatures, whichever is fewer.
§ 8106(a)(6)

  1. The petitions for in-lieu signatures may be obtained from the county elections official and circulated between January 1* and February 25, 2010. Sections of in-lieu-filing-fee petitions shall be filed with the county elections official of the county in which the signers reside. § 8106
  2. The candidate may submit signatures to cover all or any prorated portion of the filing fee. § 8106(b)(3)
  3. Any registered voter may sign an in-lieu-filing-fee petition for any candidate for whom he or she is eligible to vote; however, candidates filing signatures-in-lieu pursuant to the provisions of § 8106(a)(6) are limited to members of their own party.  §§ 8106(a)(6) & 8106(b)(1)
  4. Each circulator of an in-lieu-filing-fee petition shall be a registered voter of the district in which the candidate is running. The circulator shall serve within the county in which he or she resides. § 8106(b)(4)
  5. Within 10 days after receipt of the petition, the county elections official shall notify the candidate of any deficiency. The candidate shall then, prior to March 12, 2010, either submit a supplemental petition containing additional signatures or pay a pro rata portion of the filing fee to cover the deficiency. § 8106(b)(3)
  6. Signatures in lieu of the filing fee may be counted towards the nomination sponsor signature requirements if signers are of the same party as the candidate. § 8106(d)

Nomination Signatures:  Secure between 40 and 60 signatures on the nomination paper prior to filing.  § 8062(a)(2)

Between February 15* and March 12, 2010, obtain nomination documents from the county elections official. Nomination documents include a set of nomination papers for collecting signatures and a declaration of candidacy that must be executed by the candidate. §§ 333 & 8020