Filing Deadline: 6/1/2010
Primary Date: 8/24/2010
Filing Fee: $100
Handbook: Financial Disclosure (PDF)
Declaration of Candidacy (PDF)
Registration Statement
Secretary of State Elections Department: 1-907-952-8683
Law: Election Law
____1. Complete your Declaration of Candidacy: Forms are included in this section. AS 15.25.030.
___ 2. Sign your Declaration of Candidacy before a Notary: A Notary is available at all Division of Elections offices. AS 15.25.030(a)
___ 3. Determine filing fee: The fees are non-refundable. AS 15.25.050 a. $100 for the office of US Senate, US Representative, Governor or Lieutenant Governor b. $30 for offices of State Senate or State Representative
Residency: currently living there
Signature/Forms: Declaration of Candidacy (PDF),
Elections Filing Fee, and appropriate Financial Disclosure (PDF)
A Registration Statement for a candidate or a candidate’s campaign committee must be filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission before making expenditures.