25 Sep 2009

Get a Mac ad with Gisele Bundchen

Gee, yet another positive representation of transgender people in the media (rolls eyes). Thanks a lot Apple! This 20 year Mac user is going to complain. video   edit, was originally aired in '06  

13 May 2009

Tenn. unknowingly marries transgender couple

Tenn. unknowingly marries transgender couple; subject jailed as man, identifies as woman By Associated Press 12:03 PM CDT, May 13, 2009 “CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Jo T. Rittenberry and Jeffery Scott Phillips recently learned their 18-month marriage is invalid because the state considers both to be men. Rittenberry, who is

11 May 2009

Texting Trolley Driver Is Transgendered Male Driver

From ABC News: “Texting Trolley Driver Is Transgendered Male Driver Tied to Boston Crash Cited Transgender Status Before Hiring The Boston-area transit authority trolley driver who allegedly slammed into another train while text-messaging his girlfriend Friday was hired as a minority because of his transgendered “female-to-male” status and had three

27 Apr 2009

Transsexuals and Androgynes on Prairie Home Companion, Oh My

A few transgender characters have recently appeared in Prairie Home Companion skits, I haven’t found these characterizations very flattering to transpeople. You can hear the shows I cite (and read scripts) at their online archive, search by date to find them. I don’t know if they’ll publish my letter, so

15 Feb 2009

Somewhere Out There

This American Life #374: Somewhere Out There “Of all the 6 and a half billion people in the world, what are the odds that any two people are a real match?  Stories from people who know they’ve beat the odds, and the lengths they’ve gone to do it—including an American

10 Jan 2009


  I’ve given considerable thought to the economic crisis and have come up with a solution for creating new jobs that will also effectively deal with another important issue. I’ve been following various news reports and blogs from sources as diverse as the Christian Right and “Classic Transsexual” HBS (Harry

20 Nov 2008

Reflections on 10th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance

  As always, this is a difficult day. I’ve been aware of Transgender Day of Remembrance since its first year, and have always commemorated it in some way each year. Sometimes attending an event if there was one in my region, often lighting a candle at home, and in the

11 Nov 2008

Keith Olbermann’s Message

Like many LGBTIQ Americans, I was both elated and devastated by the election results this past week. I am absolutely elated that President-elect Barack Obama won the election. I feel like a great weight has been lifted from our collective shoulders and that after eight years we finally have hope

01 Jun 2008

It’s Always About the Restrooms

This past Thursday, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter signed into law SB200. This bill adds transgendered people to the list included in the state’s non-discrimination law. In the weeks preceding the passing of this bill, and the few days since Governor Ritter has signed it, the right wing websites and blogs

19 May 2008

Peabody female student gets OK for male prom date in drag

This news item brought a smile to my face this morning. It offers evidence that the world keeps changing and the next generation of kids are cool with it! Even some of the adults are going along this time. I would’ve loved to have a worn a dress to my