10 Aug 2010

To Counterprotest or Not To Counterprotest: Courage, Integrity, Tact, and Cowardice

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs In many conversations and writings lately, I've heard myself emphasizing the need for the LGBT movement to be more proactive. We do a whole lot better when we're trying to get people to say "Yes!" (like in DC or Washington state) than when we are trying

03 Aug 2010

Between Floating and Leeching: The Financial Struggle of the LGBT Activist

NOTE FROM PAM: I have comments about this topic below the fold. Crossposted on ZackFord blogs This is a post about making sausage. If you are in any way involved in queer activism, I hope you'll at least give it some thought. Let's say you want to dedicate a certain

29 Jul 2010

The Problem Isn’t Just People Against Gay Adoption; It’s People Against Adoption

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs I was adopted. Are you surprised? A lot of people are when I reveal this super intimate detail. “Oh,  I didn’t know,” they say. To answer your other questions: I’ve always known, and I have no interest in meeting my genetic parents. My parents are my

28 Jul 2010

Higher Education Standards and Professional Ethics Trump Personal Religious Beliefs

Crossposted on ZackFord Blogs  Have you heard the tale of Julea Ward? She was working on her master's in counseling at Eastern Michigan University. When she refused on religious grounds to affirm a client's same-sex behavior (and thus counsel him at all), she was asked to leave the program. Today,