26 Nov 2014

The March for Ferguson: Houston

The notice of the March for Ferguson and Michael Brown came through Facebook. It would begin in a park near where I work so I thought I would take a look. When I arrived, I thought there might actually be more media and cops than demonstrators but the crowd slowly

25 May 2014

Do You Want Real Peace?

  Do You Want Real Peace? Memorial Day Weekend has brought a plethora of remembrances to my Facebook page.  Most are patriotic and call upon us to express gratitude for those who have fallen in the line of duty.  I appreciate this sentiment but question whether it goes far enough. 

09 Jul 2013

I Stand With Texas Women

The Stand With Texas Women road show came to Discovery Green in Houston tonight. They were greeted by a modest but extremely enthusiastic crowd of supporters. Many came dressed for the occasion with Texas orange the predominant color scheme. Others had some pointed things to say. The speakers were enthusiastic

16 Jun 2013

Is Conscience dead?

Cowardice asks: Is it safe? Expediency asks: Is it politic? But Conscience asks: Is it right? William Punshon Once upon a time the law was simple. Thou shalt not steal. It is a simple directive. Don’t take stuff that does not belong to you. For a few hundred years, society

29 Mar 2013

The Absolute Sense of Certainty

“If you develop the absolute sense of certainty that powerful beliefs provide, then you can get yourself to accomplish virtually anything, including those things that other people are certain are impossible.” William Lyon Phelps   “For every powerfully believed idea that leads to new accomplishments, there are hundreds of powerfully held

09 Nov 2012

Bi Partyingship

In the aftermath of Tuesdays defeat, republicans are awakening to the fact that there are just not enough angry white men to win a national election.  They lost among every other identifiable demographic group most notably among the young.  Their prime constituency is aging and as a natural consequence dying off.   They

23 Sep 2012

What is Your Bumper Sticker?

A Middle Eastern potentate wishes for his two sons to be the most intelligent people in the world. He calls a meeting of all the wise men in the Kingdom and orders them to gather all of the world’s knowledge together in one place for his sons to read. After

25 Aug 2012

Go and Build No More

My earliest and most vivid memories of elementary school were when we would gather together in a single classroom and watch a rocket take off with a man aboard.  I grew up with the Mercury Seven Astronauts, the Gemini program and eventually the Apollo Missions that culminated on July 20

31 Dec 2011

Occupy Houston Update.

Occupy Houston Update. I delivered the most recent box of Occupy Supply goodies on Christmas Day but far more timely was the hot meal. It had been raining hard for much of the previous 48 hours and our Occupiers were wet and cold. Someone had brought in an elevated fire

26 Nov 2011

Getting to Know Occupy Houston

  I have been following my local occupy for several weeks now and I attended my first GA last night. I don’t agree with every idea I’ve heard but I have heard some good ones. I have come to respect those that are constantly in attendance and admire their perseverance.