14 Mar 2014

Maidan Shootings: The Role of Andrej Parubiy

Andrij Parubiy is the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of the new Ukrainian government. Before the toppling of the Yanukovich regime, he was the “commandant” of the Euromaidan protest forces. In the past he belonged to different Ukrainian parties, mostly of the right and extreme right political

23 Feb 2014

Boston Bombing News: the cards are being reshuffled

The last status conference on the Tsarnaev case was short, but intriguing. I’ll refer to two independent, detailed reports of eyewitnesses, one from FDL’s jane24, and the other one from Karin Friedemann. It did not seem to start well for the defense when Judge O’Toole sided with the prosecution and

04 Feb 2014

Boston Bombing News – The smothered arrest of a suspect on April 17th

In two entries on my blog at blogspot.com (here and  here) I already have highlighted the turbulent news releases two days after the Boston Marathon bombings. John King of CNN has played the most prominent role here: first, he reported that law enforcement had identified a suspicious dark-skinned male on