20 Aug 2014

Boston Bombing News: “Active Defense”

This diary entry is basically a continuation of the last BBN by leftcoast and jane24, who attended the 6th status conference for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The hearing was apparently in many ways “business as unusual”, as the mutual complaints of the prosecution and the defense continued to flare without solution and

20 Jul 2014

Claims that MH-17 was hit by a ground-to-air missile are premature

The circumstances of the crash of MH-17 are still unclear, yet Western media already present the hypothesis that the plane was hit by a ground-to-air missile (in this case a Buk system) as a proven fact. Here’s how it looks like when a Buk missile is fired: https://www.youtube.com/v/DDXScnEKaP0 As you

06 Jul 2014

Boston Bombing News: When exactly was Tamerlan Tsarnaev identified by the FBI on surveillance video?

I’ve published this research-related article also on my regular blog   The National Geographic docudrama “The hunt for the Boston Bombers” is a masterpiece in the art of fudging reality. It shows –  genuine footage from the immediate aftermath of the bombings –  reenacted scenes from the immediate aftermath of

03 Jul 2014

William Binney speaks plain language to German NSA investigation panel

Today, ex-NSA director and dissident William Binney was questioned by the German parlamentary commission to investigate the activities of the NSA. Before answering the commissioner’s questions, he dealt them a shock with his opening statement: I’ve worked for the NSA as a technical director. I live four miles away from

16 Jun 2014

Boston Bombing News: A checklist of unanswered questions

Next Wednesday, June 18th, the fifth status conference for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will take place. The date is also the deadline for the defense’s potential filing for a change of venue. The subject has been raised by the defense only days ago when they asked for another six weeks to delay

26 May 2014

Boston Bombing News: the Mailbox Spin

Immediately after the Marathon bombings an anarchic search for photographs and videos of the two bomb sites, pre-blast and post-blast, swept across the Internet and conventional news outlets. The searchers were primarily looking for people with backpacks prior to the blast to call them suspects, and many false accusations resulted

29 Apr 2014

Boston Bombing News: Survivors and Eyewitnesses

The term “survivor” is increasingly replacing “victim” for the people who have been severely injured by the Marathon bombing, and I will overtake this naming out of respect for them. The hardest-hit survivors are of course those who lost one or both legs and need a prosthetic substitute, and they

13 Apr 2014

Boston Bombing News: the beginning of the blame game

One year after the Marathon Bombings, the smooth surface of the official “The Evil Tsarnaevs did it” story is overshadowed by rumblings deep in the underground, indicating that bigger tectonic faults are to be expected in the near future. One of these rumbles was perceptible during the Congressional hearing in

02 Apr 2014

Boston Bombing News: the defense lawyers’ “other sources”

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense lawyers have initiated a bunch of motions since the last status hearing. The most meaningful one is probably Doc-233, a “Motion to Compel Discovery of Favorable Evidence”, published on March 28. On the surface, it seems to acknowledge Dzhokhar’s guilt by using mitigation arguments, but this misinterpretation

16 Mar 2014

Boston Bombing News: Congressional Hearing moved to Washington – why??

In February, US Representative William Keating, a Democrat from Massachusetts and member of the House Committee on Homeland Security assigned for the investigation of the Boston Bombings, announced a field hearing in Boston “to let victims, local officials, and first responders testify on lessons learned following the Marathon attacks”. Keating