02 May 2014

Tax Breaks Abound in Wisconsin, but Job Growth Remains Slow

For more, go to www.wisconsinbudgetproject.org. Wisconsin lawmakers have cut taxes 43 times since 2011, reducing revenue by $1.9 billion over that period and limiting investments in Wisconsin’s schools, workforce, and transportation networks. Despite – or because of – the substantial tax cuts, private sector job growth in Wisconsin has been

01 May 2014

At the Corner of Lawful and Shameful: Walgreens Considers Becoming a Foreign Company to Avoid U.S. Taxes

Walgreens portrays itself as America’s pharmacy, located in communities across the country “at the corner of happy & healthy.” But if a group of hedge funds gets its way, Walgreens could become a “foreign” corporation for tax purposes – operating at the intersection of lawful and shameful. America’s sixth largest

28 Apr 2014

Housing Costs Out of Reach for Wisconsin Workers Earning Minimum Wage

For more, go to www.wisconsinbudgetproject.org. A worker in Wisconsin needs to earn more than twice the minimum wage to afford a typically-priced two-bedroom apartment, a new study has found. Wisconsin workers need to earn $14.76 an hour in order to afford the rent for a two-bedroom apartment. The state’s minimum

23 Apr 2014

Changes in Census Survey Generate Misguided Criticism

Larger Census Bureau Survey Will Be Unchanged For more, go to www.wisconsinbudgetproject.org The U.S. Census Bureau is making a long-overdue improvement in the questions they ask about health insurance in their annual Current Population Survey (CPS). Contrary to some recent news reports and commentary, the change in the survey is

28 Mar 2014

Don’t Be Kansas: Impact of Massive Tax Cuts on Kansas Offers a Warning to Wisconsin

For more, go to www.wisconsinbudgetproject.org. Wisconsin lawmakers advocating for more tax cuts should consider the example of Kansas, a state that has pushed through enormous tax cuts and that has been held up by tax-cut proponents as a model worth replicating. The massive tax cuts in Kansas have deepened the

19 Mar 2014

Tax Cut Passes Wisconsin Legislature, but Tax Increase Stays in Place

For more, go to www.wisconsinbudgetproject.org. On the same day that the state Assembly passed a substantial property and income tax cut package, it declined to reverse a recent tax hike for parents who work at low-wage jobs. The $537 million tax cut package, which diverts money that would otherwise go

11 Mar 2014

Jump in the Long-term Unemployed Underscores Need to Restore Federal Benefits

Unemployment of Six Months or More Climbs by 203,000 in February The new employment numbers released Friday provide further evidence of the need to restore the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program for the long-term unemployed. Although there was a little bit of positive news relating to total employment levels,

04 Mar 2014

Can Wisconsin Grow Its Way out of a Deficit in the Next Budget?

Perhaps, but Further Budget Cuts Are Likely to be Part of the Solution It appears that the Wisconsin Legislature is on the verge of passing a slightly amended version of the Special Session tax cut bill, which uses the projected state surplus in a way that leaves the state with

28 Feb 2014

Not a Dime For Wisconsin Rainy Day Fund Despite Nearly $1 Billion Surplus

For more, go to www.wisconsinbudgetproject.org In their eagerness to provide tax cuts, Wisconsin lawmakers have pushed aside a law aimed at encouraging fiscal responsibility that requires half of state surplus revenue be set aside for a rainy day. When the budget surplus of nearly $1 billion over two years was

26 Feb 2014

Are Tax Cuts the Way to Attract Start-ups to Wisconsin?

Insights from a New Survey and the “Epic” Growth in Dane County In recent years, many policymakers have set their sights on trying to attract entrepreneurs and new start-ups to their communities and states. In some cases they have used that goal to justify tax cuts, which some lawmakers think