12 Jan 2015

Number of Uninsured Adults Drops Sharply after ACA Implementation

New survey figures released by Gallup this week show that the number of uninsured adults dropped again in the last quarter of 2014 and is down sharply since 2013. Even as Paul Ryan and some other members of Congress argue that the Affordable Care Act is “beyond repair,” the Gallup

17 Dec 2014

Settling for Second Best: Wisconsin Hospitals Seek to Extend Aid for Uncompensated Care

While Hospitals Elsewhere Back Medicaid Expansion, Wisconsin Hospitals Offer a Fallback Plan Hospitals in Wisconsin and many parts of the U.S. are asking state policymakers to take measures to reduce the amount of uncompensated care, although the recommended measures aren’t always quite the same. In our state, the Wisconsin Hospital

11 Dec 2014

Online Sales Grow, but Federal Action to Address Sales Tax Issue is Stalled

Holiday shoppers are increasingly turning to the internet to make their purchases, but Congress has yet to close a loophole that gives on-line only retailers an advantage over their bricks and mortar counterparts. Currently, online retailers that do not have a physical presence in a particular state are not required

09 Dec 2014

By Targeting Unions, Wisconsin Lawmakers Risk Lowering Wages for Workers

Weakening unions will be a top priority for Wisconsin lawmakers when they next meet in January, according to new statements by legislative leaders. Unions help workers achieve higher wages, and limiting unions’ abilities to advocate for workers could make it harder for some families to climb the economic ladder. Unionized

01 Dec 2014

President Promises Veto of Budget-busting Tax Bill

Congress is on the verge of passing a tax cut plan that would prioritize tax breaks for corporations over middle-income and low-wage working parents, while significantly increasing the federal deficit. As the New York Times reported, President Obama has threatened to veto the bill if it reaches him in its

21 Nov 2014

Wisconsin Faces Budget Gap of More than $2.4 Billion between Now and June 2017

From www.wisconsinbudgetproject.org. State officials confirmed today what we have feared for many months – that Wisconsin’s spending needs in the next biennium far exceed the projected revenue, and the state must also close a very substantial budget hole in the current fiscal year. As a result, lawmakers are likely to

20 Nov 2014

Increase in Spending on Corrections Comes with Enormous Opportunity Costs for Wisconsin

Spending on corrections has increased dramatically in Wisconsin in recent decades, reducing the resources available for quality schools, safe communities, and health care. Wisconsin state spending on corrections rose by 308% between 1986 and 2013, when dollar amounts are adjusted for inflation. Only eight states had larger increases in prison

06 Nov 2014

Election Results Show Broad Support for Increasing Minimum Wage, in Wisconsin and Elsewhere

Voters in Wisconsin and across the country showed extensive support on Tuesday for increasing the minimum wage, by approving ballot measures calling for raises for the lowest-paid workers. Across Wisconsin, 67% of voters approved raising the minimum wage to $10.10 from its current level of $7.25. The non-binding referendum was

29 Oct 2014

Let’s Ensure Transportation Finance Can Be a Two-Way Street

An efficient transportation network can’t exist entirely of one-way streets. It needs to be adaptable, with multiple modes of transportation and some areas where traffic flows in different directions. Likewise, the financing for a good transportation network needs flexibility, and it shouldn’t invariably be restricted to one-way flows of revenue.

28 Oct 2014

Evidence in Favor of Expanding Medicaid in Wisconsin Keeps Growing

Expansion States Show Much Greater Improvement on Uninsured Rates and Uncompensated Care The evidence in favor of expanding BadgerCare keeps growing as new analyses compare the experience of states that have expanded coverage and accepted the increased federal funding and the states that haven’t done so. Several new studies by