01 Dec 2014

#HandsUpWalkOut in Progress; Gloriously Relentless! (with updates)

From the FergusonAction #HandsUpWalkOut web page: “In the wake of events in the last weeks, including the non-indictment in the killing of Mike Brown and the senseless killings of Akai Gurley in New York and 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland, our communities are hurting and justifiably angered. What gives us

01 Dec 2014

Is the Cop Who Murdered Eric Garner About to Be No-Billed?

I would have voted an emphatic ‘yes’ until seven minutes ago when a late-breaking story appeared citing very specific and damning Grand Jury testimony from witnesses leaked by unnamed ‘multiple sources’.  More on that after some history. The night after police viciously choked Eric to death on July 17, the

27 Nov 2014

National Day of Indigenous Mourning as Folks in Ferguson and Elsewhere Remember Those Who Won’t Be at the Table

Most of us here have so many reasons to be thankful today, but for far too many, they are forced to look deeply into their hearts beyond their pain and rage, and just be grateful that they can imagine a better world, work toward it, while they consider their crucial

24 Nov 2014

No True Bill on Any of the 5 Indictments [Updated: International Ferguson Solidarity Protests! Glorious!]

Scroll down to the bottom, work your way upstream in the comments,  and revel!  Wooot!  Thank all of you who’ve brought them, you darlings of impeccable conscience and moral compasses at True North.  If you rec this post, rec it for them. LIVE FEED FROM fERGUSON: http://pzfeed.com/live-feed/ I’ll update as

23 Nov 2014

Food Sunday: Sinfully Delicious Cornbread and Pumpkin Pie: Both Best Evah

Gourmet cornbread  (it may have come from Epicurious) If you don’t have 2 cups of buttermilk, add 2 T of cider vinegar to 2 C. milk, and let it stand until it curdles a bit while you assemble and measure other ingredients. Melt ¾ C. of butter (yes, that much)

22 Nov 2014

Ferguson: Counterinsurgency Operation Underway

This post is largely by way of Part II of the earlier ‘Tearing the Band-Aid Off’; the comment thread is long, interesting, but rather unwieldy.  If you require links, most I can dig up for you. #Ferguson: Homeland Security FPS mobile command vehicle I saw pulling into downtown St Louis,

20 Nov 2014

Ferguson: Tearing the Band-Aid Off Racism and the Police State; Can You Contribute in Solidarity?

How many in this nation are courageous enough even to face the truth, much less protest it, or join in solidarity with all the oppressed who are denied justice in Ferguson, and all the other Fergusons across the land?  Are you and they…willing to imagine being in the black underclass,

17 Nov 2014

Gov Jay Nixon: “Violence Will Not Be Tolerated”

…when the Grand Jury announcement come in, of course. Protestors in Ferguson find that declaration hideously ironic, considering…that he has 1000 National Guard members standing by, the police have loaded up on weapons, and… Hey @GovJayNixon #ViolenceWillNotBeTolerated #ferguson lock up your criminal police pic.twitter.com/XNpdTL71og — bL0Ve (@Black_Intifada) November 12, 2014

14 Nov 2014

Boots, Brand, & Banksy: For the Revolution!

(nonviolent, of course, Mr. Brennan) Yes, Banksy; what the world needs is a righteous, revolutionary change of perspective.  Collective mindfulness, if you will.  That’s one kind of revolution Russell Brand’s calling for. world perspective pic.twitter.com/3hytLOJgRw — banksy (@thereaIbanksy) October 25, 2014 Edgy graffiti artist Banksy has been offering visual commentary

07 Nov 2014

“The Nine Billion Dollar Witness” from Matt Taibbi

(My post has extra bits and bobs past DS Wright’s post on their interview at Democracy Now!) You may already know about this Eric Holder story Matt Taibbi was about to publish at his new magazine The Racket, part of Pierre Omidyar’s First Look transformational and fierce investigative journalism’s quarter-of-a-billion