04 Jan 2015

Zapatistas Host World Festival of Resistance and Rebellion Against Capitalism

Given that all posts on RoarMagazine via Continental Cry are creative commons, rather than rewrite the descriptions of the Festival, I’ll use parts of Mr.Oikonomakis’s article, the joint invitation by the EZLN and National Indigenous Congress, and intersperse a few other Zaptista quotes, artwork, and background history of the Zapatista

29 Dec 2014

Ezell Ford’s Long-awaited Autopsy Says 3 Shots, One to His Back Left Muzzle Imprint: Spin That

(Comments have timed out on my ‘ No Indictment for Houston Cop Who Executed Unarmed Jordan Baker’ post, so I thought we could continue the conversation/s here.) Autopsy shows US police shot black man in back http://t.co/sk9xf3PIWZ via @AFP #EzellFord pic.twitter.com/GkUdShdEMs — Joe Catron (@jncatron) December 30, 2014 From the LA

26 Dec 2014

No Indictment for Houston Cop Who Executed Unarmed Jordan Baker

Update: Read Fox News’s  short version of Ezell Ford’s autopsy released today; the autopsy report itself is here.  A bit of commentary around comment #130 or so. Seriously, we have to stop meeting so very often over this issue.  This all must stop: murders of unarmed black and other citizens,

23 Dec 2014

7 O’clock News Silent Night

  (You might enjoy playing the video as you read; I’ll post another copy half-way down.)     Good evening; this is Howard HandUpMe with today’s news. This week the President said that the FBI announced and we can confirm that North Korea engaged in the attack on Sony.  He

20 Dec 2014

Update: More Protests Tonight; Sorry Mayor DeBlasio; Cop Who Killed Dontre Hamilton Won’t Be Charged

We will call for #justice until it is served #BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/e7va76WW19 — Ferguson Action (@fergusonaction) December 20, 2014 The video of 12-year-old child Tamir being blown away in two seconds can be seen here.  Note the question asked by the dispatcher three times: “Is he black or white?” This page

18 Dec 2014

Day #9 of 11: #ThisStopsToday and Oakland #UmbrellaMarch

And also…the soundtrack of the expanding revolution built around #Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter. Relentless pressure, again in NYC and enirons; a movement led by youth, millennials, black women, and aided by allies of all skin hues.  It’s growing and broadening; where it will go no one knows. Happening NOW: 7 min

15 Dec 2014

Live: BlacKOut Collective has shut down the Oakland Police Department

…Along with their allies of many hues an complexions. Thank you, hotflashcarol, for the tip and LiveStream.  Unfortunately she has to work today, and can’t post it.  We will all miss her bringing her essential verve and familiarity with Oakland Occupy and protests to the thread…for now. It only takes

13 Dec 2014

#DayofAction, #DayofResistance, #MillionMarch, #MillionMarchNYC: Today

Act now! Our children & our community can't wait! 12/13/14 #dayofaction #dayofresistance pic.twitter.com/7BWRgbqPRa — Ferguson Action (@fergusonaction) December 12, 2014 On my last post ‘Signs of the Season to and from the United States of What the F*ck’, toward the end of the comment thread we’d been discussing a Daily

09 Dec 2014

Signs of the Season to and from the United States of What the F*ck

You might enjoy listening to the magnificent singing by this Texas children’s choir as you peruse the Signs of the Season.   They say that a pictures worth 1,000 words, in this case, a drawings worth 1,000 re-tweets. #ICantBreathe pic.twitter.com/snc16r5cRi — LEFT (@LeftSentThis) December 8, 2014 “@RealSisterSonya: POWERFUL IMAGE: From

03 Dec 2014

Grand Jury Fails to Indict Chokeholder for Eric Garner’s Murder; updated w/ #ThisStopsToday

Slide to the bottom, work upstream for #ThisStopsToday protests. Updated from ‘Unofficial’ to ‘Official’ via  SILive: 4:40 p.m. EST — Mayor: Protests must remain peaceful Mayor Bill de Blasio said the grand jury’s decision not to indict a police officer in the chokehold death of Eric Garner was an outcome