28 Apr 2012

Stop Wasting Time: Support Jill Stein Now

And this goes especially for the FDL Front Pagers. It is time to declare whether you intend to be part of a meaningful Progressive electoral effort in 2012 or whether you plan to pointlessly bemoan the miserable state of the political duopoly. Stop wasting time talking about Obama’s latest betrayal.

06 Apr 2012

Green Party Update

Because I am sick of bashing Obama and the Democrats and listening to others bash Romney and the Republicans — all to no good end — I intend to provide a series of updates on how the Green Party primary is proceeding. This will give me something positive to focus

02 Apr 2012

The Future of OWS: Why Not Align With the Greens for the 2012 Election?

This short diary is aimed at continuing the discussion from Kevin Gosztola’s excellent diary , The Occupy Movement’s ‘Staying Power’. In the comments to Kevin’s piece, I suggested that OWS align with the Green Party at least to the extent of encouraging Green Parry voting in 2012. Both Kevin and

21 Mar 2012

Whose Side Are You On? UPDATED: FDL Response To Calvan Banning

I write this diary directly in response to a comment made to me in the discussion yesterday  in David Dayen’s article: Reid Pulls JOBS Act Bill After Amendments Fail. DDay concluded his piece: The bullet has been dodged for now. But I would expect Senate Republicans to claim that Reid

02 Mar 2012

What is Wrong with the Republican Party? The Democratic Party

Since we have a duopoly our two parties must occupy the entire spectrum of viable political theory. When one party — the Democrats in this case — abandons its position and co-opts the position of the opposition party the system collapses. If people truly want the country to become more

12 Jan 2012

Climate Change Is Here

The excellent Jeff Masters at Weather Underground (the go-to guy for severe weather like hurricanes) has laid the grim reality out in graphic form: Dr. Masters concludes: If you weren’t washing away in a flood during 2011, you were probably baking in a drought. The fraction of the contiguous U.S.

06 Nov 2011


So I’m looking into the matter of U.S. taxpayer money being used to bail out European sovereigns (and, not coincidentally, the Wall Street banksters who ensured against European sovereign default) and I am startled to learn that the GOP is all over this, especially the Tea Party wing. I’ll return

05 Nov 2011

EuroBomb USA: The Weapon Comes Into View

In this series on the European financial crisis I have made a number of observations derived from various sources, coupled with my own predictions and thoughts. For some time, I have believed that the Eurocrisis would come to America in the form of a government attempt to use American taxpayer

05 Nov 2011

Koch Brother From Another Planet

I confess I have paid almost no attention to Herman Cain, partly because I am quite sure Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee and mostly because I think the 2012 presidential election is essentially irrelevant to the Occupied World: neither Obama nor the GOP candidate — whoever it is

04 Nov 2011

EuroBomb: Obama Carries Wall Street’s Water to Cannes (UPDATED)

If there were ever any doubt which country is driving the worldwide austerity insanity, or if there were any remaining doubt whether President Obama is with the 1% wholeheartedly, there isn’t any longer. Following up on Timmeh G’s Wall Street Waterboy presentation, Obama himself arrives at the Cannes G20 to