08 Nov 2008

GMAC wants Me and You to Help Them Screw You and Me.

Many people do not know that GMAC owns several subprime mortgage companies. I suggest that the difficulties facing them have as much to do with the accounting fraud they engaged in as it does anything else. This was originally posted on Dkos.

19 Oct 2008

Mortgage Crises, Mortgage Servicing Fraud Exposed.

Post of after post, diary after diary describes solutions to the mortgage crises. Everytime I am mortified by the fact that the solution given fails to aknowledge the level of fraud that has occurred and the number of american people who have lost their homes as a result. Because many of these folks took a no down loan the assumption is that they made a mistake. This works well for the republicans to cover the fraud. They basically raped the drunk girl at the party. So easy to blame her for being drunk and such a great cover for the crime of rape.

16 Oct 2008

McCaine, Metamucil and Misogyny

We could have a lively discussion today about Mcsame’s worst moment. I have been fascinated listening and reading today about “all” of them, and have become aware that what’s a “worst” moment for some might differ. For me, mcsame’s worst moment was his remark about the health of the mother being a valid reason for abortion. In my humble opinion the remark was dripping with a complete and utter hatred of women.

13 Oct 2008

Emotion Regulation Skills for the World.

So, I wrote a diary about how the world needs emotion regulation skills because so much of the mental illness in this world is caused by trauma. The article focused on the link between trauma and emotion regulation deficits. My theory is that we need to spread emotional intelligence, not religion, not jesus, not buddha, but skills for regulating emotion and making wise decisions.

10 Oct 2008

Violence, The Brain, and The Path To Peace

Many of us have for years known and accepted the link between childhood trauma and mental health problems. One of the most pervasive symptoms of childhood trauma is emotion regulation deficits. This is a discussion of how childhood traumas like war might contribute to whole cultures suffering from emotion regulation deficits and the impact this might have on the potential for future violence. The discussion centers on what might happen if we engaged in teaching whole cultures how to regulate emotion in effort to decrease these deficits in emotion regulation and allow for the emotional processing of trauma in a way that would increase empathy and decrease violence.