07 Apr 2010

Bristol Palin’s PSA: Too Bad Your Parents Aren’t Professional Grifters Like Mine

The Clan McHypocrite extend their 15 minutes of fame.

01 Apr 2010

Late Night: Family Valueless Republicans Demand RNC Respect Their Family Values

The RNC is . . . bound . . . by its own unattainable perception of morality. HA!

15 Mar 2010

Late Night: Yes, Virginia, There is a Sanity Clause

There has been a terrible and sad void in the birther community while its Jeanne d’Arc, Orly Taitz, appeals her numerous and varied cases against the Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati, and the Girl Scouts of America before the High Tribunal of Federated Planets. But not to worry. There’s a new

11 Mar 2010

Late Night: Putting Her Money Where…Wait, Let Me Rephrase That.

Well, Obama held up his end of the bargain and announced the recipients of his Nobel largesse. Your turn, Sarah.

08 Mar 2010

Late Night: When You’re A Piranha, You’re a Piranha All the Way.

Does Obama have what it takes to reinstate banking regulations?

01 Mar 2010

Late Night: How Do You Say “Bitchslap” in Dutch?

Is there a catfight brewing in the Tea Party?

25 Feb 2010

Late Night: “Honest! Any Friend of Dorothy’s Is a Friend of Mine”

Some of Harold Ford and Lauren Ashley’s best friends are gay!

22 Feb 2010

Late Night: For Sale — One U.S. Senate Seat Representing the State of New York

New York’s U.S. Senate seat has become a hot commodity.

18 Feb 2010

Late Night: Curl On, You Crazy Diamond

Everybody needs a quiet interlude every now and then.

14 Feb 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day From Your Favorite Republicans

Relying on their puerile judgment, the 13 year-olds running the RNC have designed “Valentine’s Day” cards to send your loved ones from various parties from the Obama Administration and Democratic leadership. Har har har. Look at poor Ben Nelson. Nobody wants to be his valentine. Pshaw. Comedy isn’t hard.