14 Jun 2010

Late Night: . . . And Ketchup is Still Not a Vegetable.

Sarah “Reagan” Palin? There she goes again…

07 Jun 2010

Late Night: Because California Isn’t Already Up the Creek? and Other Tales of “Teh Crazy”

It’s certainly been a week of whack in the land of Conservatardia, and it’s only Monday. Yeesh.

24 May 2010

Late Night: Oil-Soaked Birds of a Feather

BP supplies the Vampire Squid with ink.

20 May 2010

Late Night: Backing the Wrong Elephants

How NOT to select candidates for your political party.

17 May 2010

Late Night: If Wishes Were Horses, Then Giuliani Would Be a Dressage Expert

Dredging up the idea that Giuliani may be a viable candidate in ’12? Must be a slow news day for Politico.

13 May 2010

Late Night: Somebody Stop Her Before She Stupids Again!

Grifterina tries to inject herself into Chicago politics. Epic FAIL.

10 May 2010

Late Night: SJC Republicans to Obama, “C’mon, Shake on It!”

It’s official: Senator Jeff “Beauregard” Sessions can’t play poker for shit.

03 May 2010

Late Night: King Greenspan the Lyinghearted

Suffer the high-minded intelligentsia at the Federal Reserve, veritable Knights Templar of the financial universe, who struggled mightily to brace the gates of Wall Street against the barbarian onslaught of American consumers, those Wal*Mart Philistines who were too feeble-minded and innumerate to grasp the intellectually lofty arcana that was the synthetic CDO-backed housing bubble they unwittingly helped expand. . . .

15 Apr 2010

Late Night: Huckabee Serves Up Rancid Word Salad

Huckabee needs oral bypass surgery STAT!

08 Apr 2010

Late Night: Racist to the Bottom?

That rasping, guttural sound you hear is the death rattle of the American dream.