23 Aug 2010

Late Night: Federally Funded Group Fans Batshit Crazy Flames Over Local Zoning Issue

Mosque haters get paid federal bucks to paint themselves into a corner.

21 Aug 2010

FDL Book Salon Welcomes David Neiwert and John Amato, Over the Cliff: How the Obama Election Drove The American Right Insane

To say that the election of the first African-American President of the United States has brought the crazy and racist termites out of the woodwork would be an understatement. Angry, willfully mindless and hateful, they came scuttling to the surface before the last polls had closed back in 2008. Allegations of an illegitimate candidacy and other wingnut conspiracies exploded across the right side of the blogosphere even before the presidential oath of office had left Obama’s lips (both times), and the vitriol ratcheted up exponentially through the early days of his tenure.

09 Aug 2010

Late Night: We’re #12! We’re #12!

It’s still “uniquely American” to hold down three jobs, even when you’re a college student.

02 Aug 2010

Late Night: What If You Threw a Party, and No Minorities Came?

If the Tea Party embraces minorities, why does it have Andrew Breitbart speaking at its rallies?

26 Jul 2010

Late Night: As the Gander Eyed the Sauce-Laden Goose

Foolish consistencies are the hobgoblins of Senator Tom Coburn.

23 Jul 2010

“Regrets, I Have a… No, Wait, I Don’t Regret a Thing”

Don Blankenship: proof positive that some sort of rigorous psychological profiling and the presence of a conscience should be mandatory before hiring a candidate to run the joint.

19 Jul 2010

Late Night: GOP Joins in Campfire Rendition of “Those Were The Days”

The GOP should just step away from the peyote. George Bush will never be popular. Ever.

12 Jul 2010

Late Night: Sometimes a Banana is Actually a Disguised Tactical Nuke

I wonder if there’s a Batshit Crazy alert at Michele Bachmann’s campaign headquarters that buzzes every time some other illiterate Republican idiot infringes on her trademarked brand of unfiltered ignorance. If such an alarm did exist, it would be buzzing louder than a stadium full of vuvuzelas today. The culprit?

05 Jul 2010

Late Night: The U.S. Attorney General’s Office “Uses a Nuke to Kill an Ant”

An environmental activist faces a three year sentence for draping a banner over a balcony at the Hart Senate Office Building while the US chastises other countries for suppressing freedom.

28 Jun 2010

Late Night: 24/7 Smart – The Antidote to Stupid

Earlier this year, Diesel, the clothing line, rolled out the most ridiculous ad campaign I’ve seen in a while: “Be Stupid.”  As if this country needed the reminder? Ever since proud “C” student George Bush was appointed President, the United States has been on an inexorable slide downward into imbecility,