25 Oct 2010

Late Night: The Punk Punks Out

James O’Keefe is not the “boy who cried ‘wolf’.” He’s a serial liar.

18 Oct 2010

Late Night: Don’t Pull the Lever Until You See the White Flecks of Spittle in Their Mouths

The Teabaggers look like they’re coming apart at the seams. Let’s hope they have neither needle nor thread.

11 Oct 2010

Late Night: The Wheels Come Off the Crazy Train

Paladino doesn’t know if “homosexuality is a choice.” He’s a testament to the fact that being a mean-spirited bigot certainly is.

04 Oct 2010

Late Night: Ancient Chinese Seeeeecrets…

Christine O’Donnell – terrified about turning Chinese.

01 Oct 2010

Hey, Rick, Jew Wanna Piece of Me?

In an attempt to decry bigotry, Rick Sanchez proves what a bigot he really is.

20 Sep 2010

Late Night: The 2010 Evil Clown Car of Teabaggery

Witches! Bloody altars! Aqua Buddha! Andy Cuomo’s lesions! All in a day’s Tea Party campaign.

13 Sep 2010

Late Night: The Triumph of the Willfully Ignorant

Americans didn’t exactly live up to the Founding Fathers’ ideals this past weekend.

07 Sep 2010

Late Night: BP to “Teach” Kiddies Environmental Science

A BP curriculum for environmental science? Really?

06 Sep 2010

Late Night: Happy Upcoming “Rudy Giuliani Day”!

Get ready: the 9/11 vampires are stirring in their coffins.

30 Aug 2010

Late Night: Take Back the White 2010

You can’t spell “Goldline” without G-O-D.