04 Aug 2007

Wisconsin Winter

Crossposted from my place. URL in the sig. I wrote this in 1999, when I was there. I actually lived in this. In Wausau. Some mornings the air was so cold you felt your breath freeze in your nostrils as you inhaled. The moisture from your out-breath just solidified on

22 Jun 2007

Reality Check? (2 of 5)

This is a crosspost from my site. I had a boyfriend who was bashed, before I knew him. He was beaten with a bat and left for dead in a Dumpster. His skull was fractured in the attack, his jaw and teeth were badly damaged, and he lost a testicle.

15 Jun 2007

Reality Check? (1 of 5)

This is a crosspost from my site. Commenting on the institutional lunacy of the Bush administration got me thinking. I still can’t imagine any reason they’d be pressing so hard for useless wars on so many fronts — unless they sincerely believed that their behavior was going to facilitate their

08 May 2007

Tornado Disaster in Kansas: Prayer, Jesus Blamed

GREENSBERG, KANSAS ? The tornado that struck here over the weekend and destroyed nearly all of this once-peaceful town, leaving more than a dozen dead, has been blamed on overabundance of prayer, heterosexual marriage and Jesus. “Look at places like San Francisco, Fire Island ? or Calcutta or Tokyo,” said

09 Mar 2007

If I Had a Son…

(Crossposted from The Indigestible.) I bash kids’ shows regularly and frequently attack religiosity. It’s easy for me to do that, since I don’t have any kids of my own. I can sit on my butt and theorize, and I can talk endlessly about what I’d support or reject in my

23 Feb 2007

At Least he’s the Right Color

I sometimes think that what really offends the conventionally religious about people who claim godhood is not that it’s blasphemous, but that it exposes, simply and directly, the incredible foolishness of their own beliefs. When you analyze the claims of most apocalyptic cults, after all, they do tend to say

13 Feb 2007

The Priorities of the Religiously Deranged (xpost from The Indigestible)

It struck me again this morning. Every once in a while I get broadsided by a bizarre sense of unreality when I think about how obsessive we — all of us, any of us — can become over really small, really insignificant things. Take, for instance, the three-plus thousand US

09 Feb 2007

Where is Molecular Biologist Barbie in All This? (crossposted from The Indigestible)

I do confess to watching a few kids’ shows. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a regular viewer of Grim Adventures; I’ve also found Foster’s Home to be entertaining (though Bloo can truly get to be too much to take sometimes) and I’m familiar with Avatar, SpongeBob, Jimmy Neutron and Ben

08 Feb 2007

When Chickens Become Roosters (crosspost from The Indigestible)

Golly, where to begin with this one? Foreign or domestic? Ethnic or bizarre? Anti-Bush, anti-bigot or anti-insanity? Yes — actually I am talking about totally separate things here. 1. Will Rogers is Not Worthy of Emulation Okay, let’s start with something Bush once wondered why he should even be concerned