17 Sep 2008

Get ready for insipid pulpitry.

Ike – aptly named if one knows  the history of the Turners – did a hell of a lot of damage. I don’t know how the Jesus crowd feels about what keeps happening to Galveston (it gets hit pretty regularly, and last I heard, it’s not a gay mecca), but

15 Aug 2008

Whose Fault?

Larry King, fifteen, was shot quite dead at school last year by a classmate who didn’t like to face the reality that King was gay. Rather than put the blame where it belongs – on his murderer – King’s parents are suing his school because administrators “permitted” him to show

31 Jul 2008

More Christian Family Values

The godtards are fond of claiming that nonheterosexuals adopting children is bad for the kids. As bad as this, I wonder? An evangelical preacher killed his wife several years ago and stuffed her body in a freezer after she caught him abusing their daughter, according to police and court documents.

30 Jul 2008

If you Must Have an Official Religion

…it should probably be Buddhism. In the face of right-wing fungelical squeaking about transgendered individuals and the bathrooms they should or should not be permitted to use, a school in Thailand has actually built a separate WC for its transgendered students. What I sit in awe of is not the

29 Jul 2008


This about sums it up. Lovestory and tragedy in seven minutes. Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa, by Sigur Ross.

03 Jul 2008

Slouching Toward Bethlehem

Much hay in the liberalosphere has been made in the last few days over Barack Obama’s apparent willingness to forward the Bush administration’s “faith-based” charity program. There are distinct tones of outrage and betrayal, and while I most certainly agree that the Fed putting money into any religious charity is

13 Nov 2007

Jeez, is This Surprising?

Study: Black pessimism worst since 1980s Via MSNBC. Growing numbers of blacks say they’re worse off than five years ago and don’t expect their lives to improve, a study released Tuesday shows. Could this have anything to do, one wonders, with the rise in White “Supremacy” movements over the last

02 Nov 2007


A repost from my place. ==== To the market, I say to you, only to the market. There we will buy only the things we need, and then we will return home. And, knowing your eyes, I know the lie in my remonstrance; for I have never been able to

01 Sep 2007

Diary of Adoption 3: Dear Yoshi…

This is another crosspost from my dive. As a pre-adoptive candidate parent, I was encouraged to write a letter to my (still unknown) prospective child. The idea behind this is obvious: I must delineate, as best I can, why I want to be a father; while superficially the letter might

31 Aug 2007

Cthulhu Ftaghn

Does being a bit of a cinema queen count this as a legit post? Hope so. It’s a movie review I did on my site. No GLBT content, but hopefully arty enough that it’ll appeal to “our” fringe. If it helps any, there are persistent rumors that Lovecraft was gay.