06 Nov 2012

Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein (and who else?) on RT.com right now

Never really watched RT live before (I’ve always been phobic about my slow computers’ poor live-streaming capabilities), but I gave it a shot and it’s fine for now.  (Granted, talking heads aren’t a basketball game, so…)  RT is interviewing “3rd party” candidates now. Rocky called for a Constitutional Amendment to

04 Nov 2012

A Fantasy for the “Lesser of Two Evils” Crowd: Re-Elect Mitt Romney, Democrat, in 2016!

Say you’re Daniel Ellsberg or Dean Baker or Greg Palast…or just you.  You have credentials as being on the proper side of most issues, you know Obama has damaged this country, but you feel compelled to support him, because “Romney would be worse”. Let’s say you’re right on two things:

01 Nov 2012

How? What? How? (Three Excellent Questions…)

Seriously, wait, what?  Why is a month-old diary of mine suddenly among the “Recommended Diaries” on the right side of the page.  I don’t understand that at all. I mean, I like nice ego-massage as much as the next self-loathing narcissist, but I don’t get the logic to this. “Very

11 Oct 2012

The Silence of the Land: No Talk About Unemployment Benefits, Not Even from “Democrats”

On September 8th, 2011, President Obama proposed the American Jobs Act.  It was a crappy bill, with a tiny target for jobs, mostly to be “gained” via the continued magic of more and more tax cuts, but it did contain an extension of federal unemployment benefits, the “Emergency Unemployment Compensation”

27 Sep 2012

Three Simple Reasons Romney is the Slightly-Lesser Evil

Cannibalized from my post on Pam’s diary: Obviously, neither candidate deserves our vote and I urge everyone to vote for/write in Stewart Alexander and help move the debate and the electorate in a positive direction, for the first time in 40 years. BUT, for those who are convinced that they

23 Sep 2012

Ted Rall Tells the Story of Quebec’s Classé Movement, for Those (Such as I) Who Have Missed It.

Well, it’s been a while.  And I still think the world sucks, and will get worse, and nothing can be done about it. (Barring armed Communist revolution or a meteor wiping out all life on earth, neither of which seems likely, alas.) But, while despairing of ever seeing Jamie Dimon’s

17 Mar 2012

Rocky Anderson: Where’s the Beef?

Rocky Anderson, candidate of the nascent Justice Party, gets a certain amount of vociferous praise around this site.  But, after the debacle of 2008, I’m reluctant to give unqualified enthusiasm to a candidate who merely gives a few good soundbites on the issues.  Because we are all seeing the results

12 Jan 2012

Will “Occupy the Dream” become a Co-optation Nightmare for the Occupy movement?

Black Agenda Report executive editor Glen Ford doesn’t sound too sanguine about OWS getting in “lock-step” with an organization funded by credit-card magnate Russell Simmons and “Occupy All Streets” T-shirt promoter Jay-Z, and run by black clergy who are still very much in lock-step with President Obama: The Democratic Party

24 Dec 2011

Obama Feels My Pain. (Eventually. A little. Maybe. Sort of.)

wendydavis has a diary up about the possible appointment of Jeremiah Norton to the FDIC, but as bad as that would be, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the ObNoxious fundraising letter she quoted at the top of the diary: “Good afternoon— Earlier this week, it looked like Congress

11 Dec 2011

“My Occupy LA arrest”, by Patrick Meighan

reddog linked to Meighan’s diary in the Occupy Boston thread, and Cindy Burkey has also been pointing out the testimonials that have come out from the victims of Mayor Villaraigosa’s fascist assault troops in the City of Devils (my once-home), but I thought this deserved better spotlighting. A couple of