12 Jun 2013

Progressivism and Its Discontents

Well, I was reading a post from another blogger here (Joe S.) on whether Progressivism means anything anymore. Wanted to comment on his post but that avenue seemed closed to me. Truthfully, I have self-identified here as “Progressive” with some misgivings. It’s shorthand for I feel I might belong here

31 Jan 2013

Filing Old Items and Feeling Old Feelings

I’ve been going through old files and receipts, trying to clean things up around here a bit, and I came across a receipt from late 2010. It’s for a tire repair, when both my rear tires were flat. The receipt says “both had screws in them please check and advise

13 Sep 2012

What’s Going on in Congress?

Help! I’m trying to find some information on what’s just happened in the halls of Congress. It affects those of us in Minnesota who love the wild North, but I suspect it may affect everyone in America. In the last few days, the U.S. House passed a bill to expedite

22 Apr 2012

Enough Already

OK, the sixth computer has died. I can’t write anything or see anything. No browser except the phone. Weird interference. Enough of this. At the library, at least I can write this.

01 Apr 2012

Occupying the State Senate District

Yesterday was my first experience as a district delegate. I came by the responsibility accidentally, you might say. Spurred on by some activist WAMM ladies of my acquaintance to attend or perhaps occupy my local caucus a few weeks back, I proposed a citizen resolution to protest the indefinite detention

15 Mar 2012

Following Salon’s passionate coverage of responses to the recent Scahill piece, and what it might portend… Has anyone else at FDL read Poisoning the Press, Mark Feldstein’s fascinating pop history comparing Richard Nixon and his nemesis, D.C. Capitol commentator Jack Anderson? I keep thinking about the current, claimed executive freedom

21 Feb 2012

Reapportionment Day Rant

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their party. In the past week or two I’ve been doing my bit. Attending town hall meetings, making the probably futile attempt to affect the political process by showing up at caucus and volunteering for a

03 Feb 2012

Skin Tight Rant

Lately I’ve been thinking about what today we call “the one percent.” I am reminded of what the great French novelist Honoré de Balzac concluded in one of his “philosophical tales” of the early 1830s, La Peau de Chagrin. Yes, it’s a funny title, even in its original language. It

31 Jan 2012

Ranting On

Well, FDL, I find it irritating that once again the security certificate for this website is invalid. Seems to be a problem in Scottsdale, Arizona, once again, though I am miles and miles from there. I am going to ignore this certificate problem for the time being, in order to

18 Jan 2012

Part One of a Long Rant

How I wish that it didn’t have to do with Republicans in South Carolina, but of course it does. In South Carolina, where the local rabble just showed off their boorishness during the latest Republican debate. In South Carolina, even though it’s 2012, seven score and more years from the