28 Oct 2008


2008 has been one of the most exciting and news worthy years in recent memory. There have been two national elections (one between Clinton and Obama the other between Obama and McCain). There has been an economic collapse, hurricanes, fires, celebrity sightings, international intrigues, wars, scientific discoveries, local stories of

26 Oct 2008

Twittering: A Threat to Democracy

The U.S. Army on Friday released a report detailing the possible threats posed to national security by innovations in online communication. The report identifies Twitter, as well as other new technologies like GPS, as possible tools terrorists can use to undermine democracy around the world.

25 Oct 2008

Lookin for Love in all the Wrong Places

Say you are the McCain campaign. You are short on resource, to the point that your campaign is conceding important swing states like Michigan and Colorado. Say you’ve pegged your last, best hope on carrying the handful of remaining swing states, despite the fact that you are trailing in a

21 Oct 2008

Electoral Realities

CNN’s John King reports that the McCain campaign is taking a hard look at how it will employ resources in the waning days of the ’08 election. McCain, who is battling Obama in a number of states which supported George Bush in 2004 and has already pulled out of Michigan,

21 Oct 2008

PFLAG Launches GOTV Effort

With two weeks left in the 2008 Presidential election, many Americans are excitedly awaiting an opportunity to vote in this historic election. From coast to coast, LGBT Americans and our supporters are working to defeat anti-family ballot measures, educating neighbors about the issues, and supporting pro-equality candidates at all levels

19 Oct 2008

Colin, Barack and DADT

What does it say for the future of LGBT service members that one of the architects of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law this morning endorsed the only major party candidate promising to support the law’s repeal? What effect will Gen. Colin Powell’s endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama have on

15 Oct 2008

Obama/McCain Round 3 — The Beginning of the End

So, tonight is the last of three debates between the 2008 presidential candidates. What can American’s expect from John McCain and Barack Obama tonight and as they move into the final weeks of the campaign? Honestly, Americans should not expect much.

13 Oct 2008

RIP — Allan Spear — Dead at 71

AP is reporting that Allan Spear, one of the country’s first openly gay politicians has died. He passed away Saturday at the age of 71 following complications from a recent heart surgery. First elected to the Minnesota State Legislature in 1972, Spear served as State Senate president from 1993 until

02 Oct 2008

Palin = Quayle

NOTE FROM PAM: We’re live and chatting! The Vice Presidential debate is about to get under way, held at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, moderated by Gwen Ifill. Click the above CoverItLive icon to shuffle into the live coffeehouse. There was once a time in our history when the

29 Sep 2008

Obama Calls for Bipartisanship — McCain: More of the Same

So the economy is up a creek and the McCain campaign decides to play partisan politics. A statement released by the McCain camp, in the wake of Congress’s failure to pass the $700 billion bailout package, blamed the lack of Congressional support on “the Democratic leadership: Senators Obama and Reid,