10 Jan 2011

Domestic Violence

So,  do you truly think this latest shooting happen in a vacuum? Doctors who preformed abortions are gunned down; a man flies his small plane into the I.R.S. building killing civil servants; people show up at political rallies brandishing weapon:  and let us not forget the Anthrax sent the Democrats

07 Jan 2011

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Consider yourself sitting in a room, stripped of all your worldly possessions: gone is your right of freedom of movement. The two complete strangers (who flank you) hold your very life in their hands. One seemingly a good cop (Obama) the other obviously bad (Republicans). From what we know of

01 Jan 2011

Healthcare Facade

Below is a letter I sent to my to senators (MI) Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow: My wife is a 59 year old diabetic (49 years: from age 11).  I am 54 with a heart condition that is well controlled by medication.  My wife an RN of 33 years who

11 Dec 2010

The House that FDR Built

Near the end of President Bush’s time in office he put forth a plan to take a small percentage out of what is taken out of ones pay check to fund social security and redirect it into an IRA. At the time Bush pushed the idea that “it’s your money;

27 Nov 2010


At a Minimum we must produce $1,800 per month, every month for the rest of our lives in order to live in these somewhat United States. I realize most would chalk it up to “the cost of living”, but could their be something else going on here? To sit in

27 Nov 2010


Of all the warm bodies who occupy the halls of congress Dennis Kucinich has been the embodiment of what the corporate media calls the loony left. For years Kucinich has pushed radical ideas such as social-economic justice; a Department of Peace as a counter balance to our war machine on

25 Nov 2010

Analogy of the Bus

Analogy of the bus: A young black man on Grit TV put forth this analogy concerning our foreign police. I have modified it somewhat. You find yourself on a crowded bus on your way to work in the centre of a bustling metropolis. The sun is shining; the morning air