05 Mar 2011

MONDRAGON Corporation

For the last 30 years we on the left have had our  rear-ends handed to us by the disciples of a B movie actor (Reagan revolution).  In 1965 unionized workers were 40-46% of the work private sector work force. Today unions represent only 7% of the private workers and 36%

04 Mar 2011

Am I the Only one to Notice?

Am I the only to notice the “in-your-face” advertisement to the left of the page tiled “Show your support for Israel?”  Shame on you FDL for falling into the trap of being just another outlet where the mighty drown out the voices of the small. The ad starts saying: “Violent

03 Mar 2011


I have decided to cancel my subscription to the Nation magazine because of a full page advertisement I encountered in the February 28, 2011 issue on page 22.  The add was titled “Myths about Israel and the Middle East (2)”.  The pro-Israeli group that posted the advertisement was FLAME (Facts

23 Feb 2011

Mubarak and What Army?

Hosni Mubarak held hostage 87 million Egyptians for 30 years: he and what army? The military that my old buddy Rachel Maddow (I really have a love-hate thing going with her) spent days praising  their military for taking over the government. In all fairness to Maddow, she was not alone;

23 Feb 2011

We are their Power

The argument goes something like this: “We in the private sector have been reduced to eating dirt, so why should those in the public sector not be forced to join us?” The private sector unions have been whittled down to 7% of the working population within the last 30 years

16 Feb 2011

The Visible Left and Palestine

The night before last, I happened to catch Rachel Maddow’s interview with Dan Rather. I must admit I considered the Karl Rove like “Jedi mind trick” played on Rather years ago (concerning Bush’s military records) that forced him off the main stream corporate media. In basic cable land, I had

04 Feb 2011

“Good folk who do nothing”

Yesterday I listened to Barbra Walters on “The last word” (Lawrence O’Donnell) make one of the most intellectually dishonest arguments a human being could possible make. Walters put forth the idea that we (America) must carefully remove our dictator in Egypt (Mubarak) and at the same time assure the other

02 Feb 2011

The Trap!

What we are seeing is the “over-lay for the under-play”. Consider this; after propping up a dictator in Egypt for 30 years our government will now allow the people of Egypt to be free. If you believe this I have some Florida swamp land for sale. We own them, just

30 Jan 2011


Below a five point analysis of Neo-liberalism by Elizabeth Martinez and Arnoldo García: THE RULE OF THE MARKET. Liberating “free” enterprise or private enterprise from any bonds imposed by the government (the state) no matter how much social damage this causes. Greater openness to international trade and investment, as in

28 Jan 2011

Small Talk

This pass weekend I was eating breakfast (Golden Corral) with my wife and a few friends. As we sat for hours, talked and stuff our faces with an ungodly amounts of food someone said, “Hey lets change the subject from politics.” He (my brother-in-law) continued; “all you (me) ever seem