08 Apr 2011

Obama Haters and Personality Cults

As I interact with my fellow liberals (?) here on FDL I have over the weeks encountered what (in my opinion) might be interpreted as Obama-haters. Within the space of a few weeks our gutless leader has been called everything from a “cock-sucker” to a eunuch. To be fair, I too

06 Apr 2011

The Unfuckables

In American politics their  are groups that as a legislator (federal and state) you do not f*uck with. These groups (we shall call them the “unfuckables”) have their political act together and will vote your rear end out of office if you cross them. Basically these unfuckables  are the political

04 Apr 2011

Got a Fund-Raiser Letter From Obama

Got a “personal” letter from President Obama today. I know it was personal because he referred to me by my first name. The letter basically thanked me for my support in 2008, and went on to stroke my ego . At the center of the correspondence were Five  little boxes

04 Apr 2011

In Defense of the Jews

I came across a post on FDL today by JohnnyNucks, titled: “When I was young… I was Misled.” While responding to this post I realized that my addiction to run-on sentences took me into deep, wide overtime, so I turned it into my own post. It would seem that old

29 Mar 2011

Leaving the Democrats

After being told by  Senator Tom Harkin that “half a loaf is better than none” during the health care debate; sold out by Obama’s back room dealings with big pharma; having Rahm  Emanuel spit in the face of liberals as a hobby; having  Obama double crossing us on the public

27 Mar 2011


While watching the program “Keynote” on Free Speech TV, I happened to catch Naomi Klein doing stand-up at a Universalist Unitarian type church. The thing that caught my attention was her connecting the term “rebooting”with what was in her book “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” Reboot Klein

24 Mar 2011

George Carlin on Endless War

The late George Carlin’s take on the reasons we are involved in what seems like endless wars: “We like war, we’re a war-like people!  We like war because we’re good at it!  You know why we’re good at it?  Because we get a lot of practice.  This country’s only 200

21 Mar 2011

The Propaganda of Re-Colonization

I turned on the TV today (my first mistake) only to find one of MSNBC’s talking heads selling this latest war with Libya shamelessly for his masters at General Electric. The host even went so far as to spread the rumour that Quaddafi had ordered his people to empty the

19 Mar 2011

“Blast from the Past”

With so much talk of radiation and the people of Japan, I could not help but notice that most if not all of the talking heads in the corporate media went out of their way to edit by omission the names Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  How about we jump in the

09 Mar 2011

The White Man’s Burden

It would seem that Mike Huckabee and his ilk have dropped any pretense of being anything but flat-out racist. Huckabee’s latest comments concerning Obama growing up in Kenya and seeing British colonialism through the eyes of the “other” completely drops the thinly concealed (dog whistle) facade of civility. Folks, this