18 May 2011

Velma Hart, “Is this the new reality?”

Remember Velma Hart? In case you don’t this will bring it back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnMMo8lVG5M “I’ve been told that I voted for a man who said he’s going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class,” Hart said during the meeting, broadcast on CNBC. “I’m one of those people,

17 May 2011

Digital Martyrs

It would seem that the corporate left’s new plan is that the poor and disenfranchised people of the world offer themselves and their families up as martyrs for the TV cameras.  Hey guys, here’s the new plan; show up and allow the IDF, the Egyptian Snipers or the Bahrain police

11 May 2011


Ask yourself, how is it possible for such a small group of Elites to run ruff-shot over Billions for so long? Are they “super human” ? Are they that much smarter or wiser than the other 90% of us?? Do they have God on their side??? Or, is it us????

07 May 2011

Orlando Bosch is Dead

Within the space of a few days, Orlando Bosch died,  Osama  Bin laden  was shot in the head,  and 8 more people were killed (without a trial) in Pakistan by US Drone attack.  Orlando Bosch died an old man of  84  years  (April 27th) in Florida a few days ago. 

06 May 2011


Geronimo,  the  Apache chief who fought our government and died a prisoner of war. By any measure this man was an enemy of the US government.  The Apache braves fought the US government with such  fierceness they have become the stuff of  Legend. The Native  American community seem to be

05 May 2011

Who are the Suicide Bombers?

Who are  the suicide bombers?  Are they young, frustrated Muslim  males chasing their divine wind (Kamikaze)?  Are they mostly Sunni or Shia (I heard Sunni)?  Have they been duped by evil men of power to throw their lives away?  What percentage of these human bombs have had their loved ones

03 May 2011

Our Empire Struck back

Most in this country will never admit it but we are an empire and have been for a while.  Funny thing, we (like the Romans and British) allows ourselves the personal pride of being consumers (not citizens) in the “greatest country on the face of the earth”, yet take none

02 May 2011

Am I the only one Suspicious: Osama Buried At Sea?

Why would you kill someone (without a trial) in Pakistan and within hours take their body out to sea to be dumped?   Putting  aside all the morbid cheerfulness (kinda like the picnics Whites in the South threw while  Lynching black men) displayed by my fellow citizens,  few seem to

01 May 2011

Baby Killers

I drove by my local family planing clinic here in Michigan a few days ago an notices that there were people standing in front of the place with signs that read, “Baby Killers!” Along with these signs were lager (grotesque) photos of aborted fetuses.  The fact that they setup a

28 Apr 2011

“That Which Shall Not Be Spoken”; NAFTA

Something keeps bugging me about Trump and the media.  Across the board from Democracy Now to Fox News and everything in between, no one dares ask Trump about his stance on NAFTA?  Trump being the buffoon that he is stopped talking about the one thing that made him look semi-sane