14 Jun 2011

B Movie 2; Lyrics

While listening to the lyrics of Gil Scoot-Heron’s “B Movie” even though it tells the story of a B Movie actor who became president and the orchestrated process that we substitute for elections back then, it still seems to apply to our situation today. When I consider the two dimensional

12 Jun 2011

B Movie; Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron was one of America’s greatest poets who just died a few days ago at age 65. Scott-Heron’s B Movie (in my humble opinion) is a masterpiece. A story of Ronnie-Ray-Gun (Regan) and the packaging and selling out of America. He told us that “the revolution would not be

10 Jun 2011

Martin Sheen for President

Keep in mind that Martin Sheen has no past job experience in public office, but he did play one (public employee) on TV for 7 years. Most corporate media talking heads go out of their way to proclaim that the liberal Hollywood elite should stay out of politics and not

08 Jun 2011

Primary Obama!

If the only choice is to vote for a known enemy (a Republican), or a traitor (Obama) I choose to not allow the framing of the subject to be limited in such a way as to corral me into a dead end. I refuse to vote for a Mitt Romney

06 Jun 2011

Obama, Straight Man; “Who’s on first?”

“He (Obama) can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the black people most of the time all of the racist Tea party people all of the time (they still think he is a socialist) and a few liberals half the time.” I just learned that

04 Jun 2011

Keith Olberman returns June 20th

  Keith Olbermann will return June 20th on Current TV at 8:00 PM EST. The show will be rebroadcast at 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM.  The name of the new show will still be called “Count Down with Keith Obermann.”  Keith being freed from the corporate   shackles  of MSNBC announced

30 May 2011

Crazy Horse 18

“Apache helicopters like this one attacked and killed about a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad. Apaches are equipped with Hellfire missiles, and with 30-mm machine guns, which are armed with shells used to penetrate thick armor-plating. Two children were also wounded.”   The words above are

28 May 2011

Public Employment Option

My brother-in-law (the truck driver) seemed taken aback when I suggested a “public option” for employment as well as health care. If our government guaranteed all of us a job at a living wage (say $10.50 per hour) private employers would have to compete for the one thing of value

26 May 2011

Keep Shooting, Keep Shooting, Keep Shooting…

  While watching PBS’s Frontline  character assignation attempts on Bradly Manning and Julian Assange Near the start the tape of the US helicopter hit squad  video was played once more showing a group living thinking breathing (but not for long) human beings standing around on a corner just before they

24 May 2011

Is Zionism Racism?

    Many, many  years ago when I was a lad of  12,  I asked my history teacher a question: “is Zionism racism?”  He (my teacher), at first seemed taken aback, but answered, “Yes, it is.”   Over the years I have listen to many argument both pro and con for