17 Aug 2011

The Fix Is In

I happen to catch Rick Perry standing astride a stack of hay giving a stump speech that came across as a caricature faking a two dimensional cartoon character (Yosemite Sam). Clearly he, Michele Bachmann, and the Mittster 9000 (Mitt Romney) are the three candidates our corporate over lords and their

15 Aug 2011


Within the confines  of  our own tacky little novels most see themselves or those of their ilk  as victims.  Serial Killers also see themselves as victims (wronged by a parent or spouse),  but rarely do they empathize  with the ones they sink the knife into.  It has become fashionable these

11 Aug 2011

The People’s Court

A few days ago I happened upon a post by WendyDavis titles  “Visions of Oppenheimer in  the after Life”: http://my.shadowproof.wpengine.com/wendydavis/2011/08/06/visions-of-oppenheimer-in-the-afterlife/ All that week I had been dealing with people I consider “Holocaust deniers” who insist that incinerating so many people in Japan was necessary. So, I came across  what I

08 Aug 2011

Charlie Wilson’s War Revisited?

The Taliban claim credit for shooting down a US Chinook helicopter killing 30 US troops: most were Navy Seals (some from Seal Team Six that presumably executed Osama bin Laden). It would seem that the Seals were on yet another “hunt and kill” mission following up on a “tip” seeking

07 Aug 2011

The New “Iron Curtain”

Here in the US our massive media infrastructure  (Public Airways, cable, talk radio, print)  has  been captured by a few major corporations.  Because of this the “framing” of all debate is at their mercy.  Getting poor people to buy into policies that privatize the commons or trickle down economic could

03 Aug 2011

Mathematics, “what are we talking about here?”

When David Tennant drew his last breath as “the Doctor” and transformed into his new persona, I hoped (being an atheist I dare not pray) that he would emerge on the other side as a she, an Oriental,  Brown,  Black or Gay!   In others words a Time Lord who

01 Aug 2011

What Will the Revolution Look Like?

  Ok,  I’m in!   At this point any one who has given Obama and the Democrats the benefit of the doubt by now must realize that their goal is to completely dismantle the “New Deal” and slide us into a total corporate plutocracy.  The fake debit debate allows them to

31 Jul 2011

Johnny Paycheck

  “Johnny Paycheck was the stage name of Donald Eugene Lytle (May 31, 1938 – February 19, 2003),” “In 1985, Paycheck was convicted and sentenced to 7 years in jail for shooting a man in Hillsboro, OH after he fired a .22 pistol, grazing the man’s head with a bullet.

30 Jul 2011

Affirmative Action

There was a time when I could not have had a conversation with any of my White working class male friends without the subject of “affirmative action” coming up. The general theme was something like this: “I lost my job to some Black guy because of that dammed affirmative action!”

28 Jul 2011

War, Racism, “Little Boy” and “Fat Boy”

Most here at FDL understand that the primary reason for most if not all war is to take the other guy’s “stuff!”  That stuff maybe natural resources,  the land, or the people themselves (cheap or slave labor).  The two prime motivators the elite have used so successfully for  thousands of