28 Apr 2009

How APA Made a Pact with DoD & CIA over Torture Interrogations

Dr. Steven Miles, the author of Oath Betrayed – America’s Torture Doctors, and a prominent bioethicist at the University of Minnesota, has released the text of an open letter he has written to Dr. Stephen Behnke, Ethics Director of the American Psychological Association (APA), and Dr. Gerald Koocher, 2006 APA President.

Miles asks Behnke and Koocher “to publically urg[e] the APA to conduct a transparent review of how” it

26 Apr 2009

Washington Post Helps JPRA Cover Up Complicity in Torture Program

A Washington Post article by Peter Finn and Joby Warrick has made a big splash, reporting that a memorandum from Joint Personnel Recovery Agency to DoD General Counsel in July 2002 warned that “torture” would produce “unreliable information.”

However, we cannot conclude from this that JPRA was against the use of coercive interrogation.