14 Jan 2013

The Bushmaster .223: An Upstate New York Success Story

A more concise version of this post was published as Lethal Business, Haunting Questions in the January 27, 2012  Albany Times Union.   When I was growing up in Little Falls, New York in the 1960s, the men who worked in Snyder’s  on East Main Street or at the Remington

05 Jan 2013

Bakken Oil Tankers on The Hudson River

For several months long trains of rail cars full of crude oil can be seen inching along, or stopped altogether, beside I-787 in downtown Albany NY. Other tankers fill the rail yards off I-90 not far from the SUNY campus. All are waiting to offload into the tank farm at

04 Apr 2011

How the creator of Social Security was destroyed by his fellow capitalists: The story of Alfred Dolge

For thirty years Republicans have claimed that cutting taxes on the wealthy will benefit working people.  The rich, we have been told, will invest in businesses that create jobs. Of course that never happened. Rich people, by and large, make their investment decisions based on profit and the well-being of

15 Jan 2011

When the Socialists and Anarchists Came to Town in 1912

On November 1, 2007 fifty-one workers at the Redco plant in my old hometown of Little Falls, New York went on strike in response to a company decision to deny new workers the kind of health and pension benefits that had made Redco, and its predecessor companies, desirable places for