10 Jun 2011

Crime Is On The Decline, But Why Are People STILL Surprised?

Once again there is another article pointing out that crime is on the decline in the United States. Below a chart provided by The Economist shows a decline in crime across the board. Once again socilogists and criminologists are seeking to explain why there is a decline in crime. The study

09 Jun 2011

How Can A Mitt Romney Candidacy Be Good For The Country

With the rise of the Tea Party and having a 60 member caucus in the House they are really a driving force behind major Republican policy making. Can a moderate from the fiscal wing the of the party capture the GOP 2012 nomination and force the party to move more

14 May 2011

What is the Morganza Spillway and Why does it Matter?

Right now in Louisiana there is a lot of talk and discussion about the Morganza Spillway. The spillway is a flood-controlled structure between the Mississippi River and the Morganza floodway on the western shore of the Mississippi River. Its purpose is to divert rising flood waters away from Baton Rouge

14 May 2011

Romneychusettes: The case for Mittens for President

I titled this Romneychusettes because believe it or not Mitt Romney comes from his own universe. A successful Republican governor from a deep blue state who passed what has now become the blueprint for Obamacare, a shining example of a 100 plus year vision for Democratic Presidents. He stands in