06 Oct 2008

You can’t wait for the election

Obviously the rushed bailout/rescue legislation hasn’t done what the politico’s said it would do. and just as obvious, it is part of Bush’s plan to tie the hands/ensure his program of a new Congress and President.

05 Oct 2008

I’m just saying

I’m just saying how we need to keep the pressure up since we just been screwed without even being kissed.

04 Oct 2008

Are we just ‘Rats in a cage’?

We’ve been sold down the river and there is no real leadership and the lies keep coming. Camus said that ‘hope is the neurosis of modern man’ and it does seem as though he was right. So what to do? From one of those I will quote in an effort to inform “This is about a bipartisan money machine working against the population. They’re daring you. They’re daring you to turn out in five weeks and, in essence, support challengers against incumbents”.

incumbents are the ones responsible for doing this bill.”