17 Mar 2012

Got some things to talk about

Given the ‘austerity’ being forced on everyone in what will be seen as a failed attempt to put ‘things back the way they were'(the Humpty Dumpty syndrome), here’s the German mindset: “Our approach stresses responsibility and competitiveness. We keep wages low, build quality products, and export them for cash. We

10 Mar 2012

Why Zionism and Judaism are not necessarily the same thing.

Given the media play Bibi got upon his visit to his poodle Obama, here’s a contradictory perspective. The link from al-Jazeera. The video. “This is against the will of the Almighty and this is not what it means to be a Jew,” says Jewish religious scholar Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss,

07 Mar 2012

Economics in simple language

http://www.flickr.com/photos/mooski/261728814/ Came across this and was impressed with how the dialogue made all the economic talk make sense. There’s the micro econ view- which seems to be that held most by policy makers in D.C. and the mass media and then there’s the macro view for which there are few

06 Mar 2012

Future recollections

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INbt8KM2lF8 Came across this which had some interesting statistics and thoughts. “The notion that civilizations do not decline but collapse inspired the anthropologist Jared Diamond’s 2005 book, Collapse. But Diamond focused, fashionably, on man-made environmental disasters as the causes of collapse. As a historian, I take a broader view. My

04 Mar 2012

Punk Economics and et cetera

In my reading I came across this site and the video “Punk Economics”. The video does an excellent job of explaining the economic shell game going on in Europe (with a decidedly Irish slant of humor) and ,since it will affect the U.S. and reflects what has gone on/is going

01 Mar 2012

Iran,Israel,and nuclear weapons

I came across this article today and though it’s 8 webpages long (and one can’t ‘single page view it) it’s definitely worth reading all the way through. And ,if you’re up to it, printing it and sending it to the 50 odd Senators pushing Obama to have a hardline approach

01 Mar 2012

Here’s a job creation scheme that won’t see the light of day

Lamar Smith (R-TX), the brilliant (/s) author of SOPA, won’t give a hearing to Barney Frank’s legislation on something so obvious a job creating scheme that it won’t be given a chance here in the U.S. “Spanish town of Rasquera leases land for marijuana plantation” “The town hall of Rasquera

26 Feb 2012

Food Sunday: A Ramen noodle story

Those of you who watch tv probably have seen the Allstate Insurance commercial where the spokeman for Allstate is pointing out a young girl driving a fairly new car whose budget is so tight she “is on a diet of Ramen noodles every night’. Well, that might not bad thing

23 Feb 2012

Israel,Syria,Iran,Egypt and the lies that have brought us to this point

The Liars A poem by Carl Sandburg (excerpt) “And now Out of the butcher’s job And the boneyard junk the maggots have cleaned, Where the jaws of skulls tell the jokes of war ghosts, Out of this they are calling now: Let’s go back where we were. Let us run

23 Feb 2012

Ask a question, get an answer

The other day I asked the question “Why is the U.S. still exporting petroleum products -such as gasoline- when the price for such products keeps going up domestically?” Well, I thought it was because the CFTC still hadn’t put reasonable limits on how many positions a ‘speculator’ could hold in