14 Jun 2012

The gang rape of lady liberty

I kept waiting to see if someone else on myFDL would even mention this but no, not that I’ve seen. So tired, tired of waiting. Anyway, a great cartoon that the title is taken from is here; kinda says it all, especially the frogs at the bottom. (click on the

07 Jun 2012

It’s ok to rant but ………

Was watching today’s version of DemocracyNow and those being interviewed about the NYC ‘stop and Frisk’ program and the thought occurred to me that, despite only some success and the obvious need to keep after the ‘pocket profiters'(which includes those who are elected to supposedly represent the voters(laugh track here))

03 Jun 2012

Food news and it’s relation to immigration,Egypt,foreclosure,and Manning

In this country we are used to ‘cheap’ food which occurs in large part because those working in the agricultural fields harvesting are paid very little. And today comes a news item that reflects Obama’s immigration efforts and prosecutions. Growers in California’s Central Valley struggle to cope with farmworker shortage

02 Jun 2012

Sunday Food for memories,recollections,and just fun

In ‘conversing’ with WendyD I came across a song I’d forgotten about and it got me thinking about how many others that have been pushed into the spaces between the synapses associated with memory. Of course such recollection was helped by how youtube categorizes songs even though sometimes it takes

31 May 2012

Stuff you probably didn’t read or hear about

Why is there only one human species? ; Isn’t one more than enough? Some GOOD news: Acta: Piracy treaty dealt critical blows in EU votes “The latest round of voting involved the Committee on Legal Affairs (Juri), Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE) and the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

27 May 2012

Help create a movie ! (and other stuff)

Got around to watching this past Friday’s “Moyers and Company” and company and his ending to the program was surprisingly similar to something I had written in the ‘Roundup’ in the ‘News’ the day before, specifically: The first state to officially recognize the holiday was New York in 1873. By

23 May 2012

Inculpatory evidence, Medicare, and voter suppression

I’ll start with the easy one, Medicare, because this just explains how it works money wise. How it works money wise is something I don’t think most people understand or when they call for “Medicare for all”. “One of Medicare’s most important benefits is helping to cover your expenses if

22 May 2012

Money for nothing but no chicks for free

Before I get to the main topic of this diary, let me encourage others to add their name(s) to this petition that calls on the government to require(ing) free Internet access to scientific journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research. I mean, shit, if taxpayers have already fund the research, why

21 May 2012

Items of inhumanity

( “HUMAN KIND” is the title of the flickr photo ) Or are they really ? It sure seems as though such barbarity is part and parcel of humanity. Here’s a couple of items that the mass media won’t make a major story of but do deserve the ‘light of

16 May 2012

Is there an Obama Admin failure compendium?

I sometime think that Obama is the ‘Great Pretender’ deep inside. Or that could be wishful thinking on my part. A friend of mine who will be voting for him because he’s fearful of Romney (and please, let’s not go there, meaning the debate about who to vote for, etc.)