26 Nov 2010

Fox News Botches Korea — Propaganda Humor for the Holiday

Ignorance and apathy. They don’t know jack about Korea and they don’t care. The title announces, right off, that they’re propagandizing the recent killings: How to Take Down North Korea, Without Waging War Done by Christian Whiton who was “an advisor to the Asia policy team” for Rudy Giuliani Presidential

21 Nov 2010

Considering Nicole Gelinas: Bank Regulation XOR Quantitative Bubble Propping

Nicole Gelinas makes a simple point which she has managed to sell unaltered to the Establishment Right. She applies the central discoveries of Richard Koo’s work on Balance Sheet Recessions to our national banks. She concludes forcefully that the U.S. banking system is dysfunctional similar to what happened in 1930-1932

13 Nov 2010

Deficit Commission: A Progressive Redistribution of Wealth, Not Krugman’s Blunder

Details of the Co-Chairs’ Proposal from NCFRR “Catfood Commission” show a highly progressive tax-and-spend strategy that reverses Reagonomics and Bush tax cuts and excesses from The Fed. This is a very left-center document. Far to the left of Great Britain or of anything else on the American political scene. Tax reform is by far the strongest tool in the recommendations. You have to read through this thing to understand it.

11 Nov 2010

Helen Thomas, 90, to receive journalism award

After stating sentiments similar to what you’ll hear from Sioux, Crow, and Cherokee, Helen was fired from the White House press corps. Indians and Arabs, alike, have reason to believe that “go back home” for newcomers wouldn’t be all a bad thing. Washington’s American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee presents her with the