30 Nov 2011

Dr. King’s “Pledge of Nonviolence” and Occupy Wall Street

When we went on the civil rights marches with Dr. King and SCLC, back in the 1960s, the schedule always included getting all of the marchers to sign a Pledge of Nonviolence. So far, this practice has not extended to Occupy activities. We need to get better. “Fight the cops”

13 Feb 2011

Conservative Left — The Big Story Out of CPAC

Conservative Left emerges at CPAC leading the presidential straw poll. Details of the Ron Paul speech put him to the Left of every active, Federally elected American politician.

11 Feb 2011

Brit Banks To Get a Mubarak-Style Corruption Benefit

David Cameron is trying to implement a Mubarak-style giveaway. He intends to legalize a specific tax cheat scheme but only for his largest contributors. Banks are set to get away with not paying U.K. taxes on foreign earnings — special treatment not extended to small companies and individuals. Crime pays. Sin is O.K. If You’re A Rethug.

04 Feb 2011

“The Assault” Film – French Retell Killing 1994 Suicide-Hijackers

Practice makes perfect. Here is where the Islamicists started working on their tactics for suicide-hijacking. Passengers reported that they discussed flying the A300 Airbus into the Eiffel Tower. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EF-JpWfBn0&feature=player_imbedded Which spreads out to a feature length film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ye2CUd2XW0&feature=player_embedded If we do get this film, having a few million Americans see

30 Jan 2011

Ambac v. Banksters: Email, RICO and JPMorgan Chase’s Billions

Ambac Financial Group is suing EMC for actions that forced the Ambac bankruptcy in 2010. EMC’s traders and their managers went off the deep end, based on published emails, replicating the corruption at ENRON. EMC was part of Bear Stearn and now is part of JPMorgan Chase. Wall Street corruption should surprise no one. The scale of it, perhaps.

29 Jan 2011

Solicited Bribery: What May Link Richard Nixon and Clarence Thomas

Richard Nixon solicited and received $205,000 in bribe money from Howard Hughes. Clarence Thomas received $686,589 in payments routed through intermediary Heritage Foundation — payments which might be construed as bribery. See 18 U.S.C. § 201 : US Code – Section 201: Bribery of public officials and witnesses — might this apply to Justice Thomas’ situation?

20 Jan 2011

WaPo Does a FoxNews/WSJ on Bribe-Taking

WaPo’s Mark Feldstein wants Americans to believe that bribery among the great and powerful is great stuff, The American Way. Telling the People about it is bad. Telling about it helped “unleash” today’s scandal culture. SIOKIYAR.

16 Jan 2011

Interim appointment to Syria leverages a long-term relationship

We are getting an ambassador in Damascus. High time. Robert Ford is the new ambassador. The Rafik al-Hariri assassination in 2005 led the Bush Administration to recall the American ambassador from Damascus. Since then, arranging economic deals involving Turkey has been reduced to lower level connections. Leverage focuses on back-channel

27 Dec 2010

Worst Video of 2010

Stefani Germanotti

14 Dec 2010

Assange and China’s ???

Breaking news: Assange gets bail, pending Swedish/CIA appeal and is awaiting likely release pending his own appeal against extradition for the Swedish its-not-rape-or-sexual-assault investigation. Wikileaks is forever important for releasing this Documentary Short of 12 murders. Simple race-based hatred + video game gunnery = fascist slaughter. http://www.collateralmurder.com/ — with restrained