07 Apr 2013

Here’s All You Need to Bust the NRA

To bust them as blood-gargling psychopaths. In recent years 38% of the 16,000,000 annual civilian gun purchases were reported as being bought for “home defense.” At a conservative estimate of $500 each, that makes for $3-billion in “home defense” purchases. But what are these guns used for ? Not home

29 Mar 2013

NRA Roulette and Russian Roulette

You all know that Russian roulette is kind of crazy. If you want to play, you put one bullet in the cylinder of a revolver, spin the cylinder, point the gun at your temple, and pull the trigger. With a six-shooter you get 5:1 odds for survival. Play a game

28 Feb 2013

The President Was A Commie Agent and Nine Sitting GOP Congressmen !!

How’s that for you? Sound crazy? A president is a commie agent? The biggest-money successor for the Birch Society — the Club For Growth — is saying pretty much equally mad things about nine Republican congressmen: — Larry Bucshon (IN-08) — Rick Crawford (AR-01) — Renee Ellmers (NC-02) — Adam

27 Feb 2013

Manslaughter in Manhattan: Wall Street’s Most Infamous Killing

M.A.D.D. doesn’t win all of them. Florence Cioffi was killed by a DUI hit-and-run on the evening of January 24, 2008. It took long enough for her to die for the death certificate to read the 25th. Even with indictments for DUI, leaving the scene of the crime, and vehicular

22 Feb 2013

NRA: Lie of the Day

We all know the big lie. NRA claims that civilians experience 1,000,000+ defensive uses of firearms every year. NRA pumps paranoia to the end of selling $50-billion in extra gun sales over the last 20 years. This contrasts with the obvious fact from F.B.I. that civilians generated 232 justifiable homicides

20 Feb 2013

Chinese Hackers Invade The Great Orange Satan

Propaganda intrusions place unique burdens on blog helpdesks. To begin with, our “hobbyist” political sites are not set up to deal with coordinated attacks. Defensive procedures are generally ineffective. Then secondly, where accounts are taken over for use by the China’s “8-cent-a-comment” propaganda employees it is not unusual for email

03 Feb 2013

Cheney’s Folly: How Torture Cost Us 7 Years in the Hunt for UBL

In Zero-Dark-Thirty, as in real life, the torture-hounds at CIA never come to their senses. The Vice President, Dick Cheney, had come out to CIA headquarters repeatedly to make sure that his suggestions were carried out. And so it happened. It is only in 2010, after President Obama has shut

24 May 2012

Bareheaded Frankfurt Polizei Support Nonviolent Direct Action

TAKE OFF YOUR HELMETS ! The main “anti-capitalist” Blockupy organizers and Polizei management made arrangements to support nonviolent direct action. Politics is less important to Germans than the core values of civil conduct. They are raised to understand the thinking of people such as Dieter Bonhoeffer, along with many others.

07 Mar 2012

White House web site posts new Bradley Manning petition

Short URL: http://wh.gov/Xy6 Save and Share this URL “We the People” is a section of the whitehouse.gov web site that enables citizen-authored petitions.You have to register, then validate a web site address by clicking their email to you. Then you can vote for WH petitions. These petitions must generate 25,000

24 Dec 2011

“Pledge for Nonviolence”

Nonviolence is the fulcrum. Discipline is the lever. Here is the core message from Dr. M.L. King, Jr., and M.K. Gandhi: ________________________________________ Pledge For Nonviolence 1.    As you prepare for Occupy Wall Street, please open yourself to life, love and the blessings of faith, hope, and charity. 2.    Refrain from