21 Dec 2011

A Little Something for Tambershall…..early Xmas game trailer.

Hey Tambershall, in honor of your raging satirical masterpiece of a post yesterday……I couldn’t resist when I came across this Vid at Business Insider in my usual financial wanderings. Hope everybody else thinks it’s hilarious as well. For those who missed Tamber’s post yesterday you can find it here: http://my.shadowproof.wpengine.com/tambershall/2011/12/20/hey-i-finally-played-the-game/

17 Dec 2011

“FireBaggers……bad…”. A recent xtraNormal Vid.

Hey FireDogs, here is a recent vid from xtraNormal that I thought you would enjoy if you haven’t come across it yet. Note the “FireBagger” reference twice at about 4:35+, Jack included it in his Liberty UnderGround posts this morn’, hope yer havin’ a good weekend.

15 Dec 2011

The Destruction of Haiti and Bill Clinton’s Legacy as the Death Toll Climbs.

(Earthquake Debris Continues to…from United Nations photo courtesy of Flickr) One of Bill Clinton’s accomplishments during his presidency was to successfully strong-arm Haiti into joining NAFTA. Absent tariff protections, cheap imported subsidized U.S. rice flooded the Haitian market under “free trade” protocols. First destroying  Haiti’s agrarian subsistence economy; then, soon after, it’s societal

12 Dec 2011

Blackwater Provides Funniest PR Release of 2011.

Blackwater has experienced some PR difficulties in the past few years as most of you in these spaces are aware. Renamed Xe, and now renamed yet again  Academi; after having been purchased by a consortium last year. In their most recent iteration they have also now brought on board a new management team.

09 Dec 2011

The Never Ending Heartbreak of 31 Years and One Day Ago. We Miss You John.

I have been spending a lot of the past 24 hours playing his music. Here are a couple of lesser watched vid’s for you to remember by. Happy Xmas (War is Over) Serve Yourself

01 Dec 2011

An Unexpected Bright Spot in the Gloom.

Hey FireDogs…….most of you who have read here for more than a short while know of my unrelenting passion when it comes to genetically modified organisms. My commitment to the movement is fueled as much by that topic as it is by the desire to reanimate our democracy, or to

27 Nov 2011

2 More Arrested at Occupy Tucson, Citations Surpass 700.

Below for your consideration is a statement issued Friday evening by one of the Tucson Occupiers prior to her arrest. I had an opportunity to interview this person upon her release from the jail at midday yesterday. Friday, Nov. 25, evening “After much personal introspection, I came to the decision

24 Nov 2011

From Occupy Tucson, Thanksgiving Day 2011.

Here for you Firedogs is a copy of an email I sent earlier today to my dear friend wendydavis by way of letting you all know how the movement is progressing down in Tucson (I have expanded on the original email by way of utter laziness in place of an

26 Sep 2011

“Life Running Out of Control” : A GMO Video by Bertram Verhaag, + A Couple of News Updates.

Cross posted from a Serious Wrong Turn on the Information SuperHighway. I spend a fair amount of time exploring the topic of genetic engineering as it relates to our food supply and although this video has been out for a few years I hadn’t come across it previously. The video

13 Sep 2011

Livestream Link-Kevin Zeese & Margaret Flowers in DC….OCT2011 a Talk on Power.

Tonight, Tuesday September 13th : Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers of the October2011 Movement will speak about the ultimate political conflict — the people vs. the economic and political elite — how 300 million Americans can shift power to the people from concentrated corporate power and get a real voice